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Stephen Adamson

Happy Back to the Future day is the day that marks BTTF as a movie completely about the past.

Marty McFly is merely a historical figure as of today. Smh.

But there is amazing news!

The self-lacing Nike Mags are actually real and, even better, are actually here. The only catch is that you have to live in New York City to get them, and the details are still limited on their price point or where they will be sold.

Check out this Tweet from ESPN's Darren Rovell...

Of course, these are the shoes I'm speaking of, in case you've either been living under a rock for years or have never seen Back to the Future, Part II.

More confirmation tweets point to the fact that THIS IS NOT A DRILL

It's the day we've all been waiting for (in multiple ways), and it's finally here. Are you a shoe-in for these fresh kicks?

(Via: Complex)


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