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The great thing about Netflix is that you can discover films that you never would have known about without their recommendations. I came upon Cru while I was searching through the Netflix catalog on my day off, bored, and looking for something to watch. From the description, I assumed it would be another preachy gospel film about the meaning of friendship.

Man, was I wrong.

This is actually an excellent non-preachy film about black male friendship. It's rare to see a movie with a cast primarily made up of black men released, which is why I decided to give this film a view in the first place. The first thing I was pleasantly surprised by is the fact that there were no stereotypes. Even the characters that were a bit down on their luck were not slinging dope or thuggish. All of the characters were trying hard to work through their day-to-day struggles. The women in their lives were also strong and just trying their best to great be mothers and wives.

The movie has an extremely realistic feel. If you're not a black male, you certainly know one of the males in this film. The characters feel very real. From the millionaire to the high school teacher, there is something relateable about each character. The movie does fall victim to a few friendship movie cliches such as gathering at a retreat and the revelation of a deep dark secret. However, the rest of the story is very well told.

The writer and director do a great job of making us think about the big moments that change our lives forever. All of the actors' performances felt solid and I was engaged with the film from beginning to end. Diversity is really lacking in the films we see released in the theaters so, it's great to be able to view these films on Netflix.

If you're looking for a solid film about black male friendships without drugs, guns and video vixens, totally check out this film!


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