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In recent years, Dan Slott has taken alot of the fun out of the Amazing Spider-man. Gone were alot of the quips that we were used to and inserted was a more serious tone. He made Spidey believe that it was possible that "nobody dies", but we all know that's an impossible reality. Spider-man last month stated that it's not possible to save everyone, but he's going to go out of his way to ensure that as few people die as possible when he's being a hero. Last issue also brought us a fresh new foe into the world of Spider-man known as the Zodiac, who stole from Parker Industries a gadget that can let them fully hack the internet anywhere they want. Think of the damage that can do? Well, I guess it's time for Spidey and the Prowler to be on the case to stop any further problems.

Stop it they do. This issue gave us a little bit of action and a tremendous amount of humor, which was greatly missed from a Spider-man comic in the recent years. Sure, we had some issues where Spidey said something funny, but this issue contained enough comedic dialogue to turn this action adventure into a comedy hit. Even the villains were not left without hilarious sentences. Fans of the older Spider-man comic may not like the direction that this comic has taken. That includes myself who still longs for the comics from the 70's ad 80s. But, Now if you’re new to the series there’s still a lot to love. Take for instance all the new gadgets. It appears writer Dan Slott is infusing every issue with new Spider gadgets to enjoy which makes the character a little bit more fun. For starters, this issue is really funny. I laughed out loud three or so times with a chuckle here and there too. Slott is clearly firing on all cylinders in this regard with clever flashbacks, sight gags and nice quips to boot. I’m not sure I’ve laughed so hard at a Spider-Man comic in years. But, with all good comics, there needs to be a good backstory also, and this comic is setting one up. Between the return of Doc Ock last issue and now another huge return this issue(possibly two but one of them is still being kept secret) we are setting this book up for an exciting 2016. I may have found alot of faults in the last issue, but this one is a keeper. I give this book a 8 out of 10. Even diehard Spidey fans will love it.


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