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Vin Diesel's new action-packed film, The Last Witch Hunter, gives us a modern take on the fantasy world of witches, warlocks and magic. It introduces us to witches who live in the modern world, coexisting with humans. These witches and warlocks work and live just like we do, keeping their powers out of sight. Production designer Julie Berghoff, and director Breck Eisner worked together to create the world of the witches along with Kaulder's (Vin Diesel) world. Berghoff says:

"It was the most visual script I have ever read. It is based on nature and takes place in all the dark, creepy places that I am so attracted to. It lured me in with all the different worlds that I would be able to create. I soon learned that Breck Eisner has a great eye and a wonderful imagination. His idea of modern witches was a way of thinking. It is a beautiful world of fantasy, where maybe your neighbor is a witch."

Lets look at how The Last Witch Hunter redefines how we see witches and warlocks:

1. The witches and warlocks all seem to be mortal on the outside.

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate
Photo courtesy of Lionsgate
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See? Dressed just like humans. This almost reminds me of Mortal Instruments, where the warlocks and Shadowhunters who live amongst humans blend into the mortal world. So, of course you wouldn't know who is a witch and who isn't.

2. They can own cool businesses. Anybody want to go to bar for memory potions? I do.

Does this remind anyone of the Leaky Cauldron from the Harry Potter series? That's what I thought of immediately when they showed Chloe and her memory bar.

3. Live a normal life but have hidden powers that could kill you in an instant.

Chloe (Rose Leslie) is a young witch who owns a potions bar in New York. She has managed to hide her abilities from other witches. Chloe is called a "dream walker" which means she has the ability to go into other's dreams and send someone back into their memories. Dream walkers are very rare and powerful, being able to twist your mind, and make you see and think things that may not exist. In other words, dream walkers can create false memories and even kill you in your memories.

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate
Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

With that being said, I do believe that these reasons redefined witches and warlocks for me, especially setting them in a modern world like today. I did enjoy watching The Last Witch Hunter. It was enjoyable with a balance of fantasy and action along with added humor. So if you guys enjoy some fantasy and action then this movie is for you.

The Last Witch Hunter is out now in theaters!


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