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Judge Dredd / deadpool / daredevil.
Adam Bridges

First off 9 out of 10 on the quiz, only balls up on the video game question.

Jason Voorhees has been stalking cinemas for years, from being a drowned kid at the bottom of crystal lake in the original classic to become a bag wearing psycho in pt 2, dead at the end of pt 4, missing in pt 5, back from the dead in pt 6,falling apart in part 7 (body & face) , new suit in part 8, a slug in jason goes to hell ??????, a robojason in X, freddys bitch in freddy v jason (being told what to do, walking like a drunk tramp and now jason is scared of water ??? he walked into the lake in pt 6 to get to tommy) and finaly the not too bad remake,apart from the tunnels under crystal lake, it was a great launch pad for a new series of films.what with the new friday the 13th canceled/push back us Jason fans have to hope the friday the 13th game gets made and released,ironic its the video game question that stopped me getting a perfect 10.


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