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Well, the day we've all been waiting for is finally here.

Today is October 21st, 2015 and it is also the day that Marty McFly, Doc, and Jennifer travel to in the 1989 hit movie, Back to the Future Part II.

Esquire Network is airing a marathon of Back to the Future today, but don't worry if you miss it. They'll have another marathon on October 24th. When you watch this movie, you're going to think that they got so much wrong about 2015, most famously because of the fact that in the movie, Marty uses a hoverboard to escape Griff and his gang. But there are things that Back to the Future Part II actually did get correct. Here they are: 10 accurate things that Back to the Future Part II predicted about 2015.

10. Flat-Screen TVs

Now, we still can't watch six channels on TV at once, but what you see above is a flat screen TV. The first plasma display TV that was in color was released in 1992 by Fujitsu.

9. Donald Trump

You see a resemblance?

Basically, on October 21, 2015 in Back to the Future II, 2015 Biff steals the DeLorean time machine, goes back to November 12, 1955, gives 1955 Biff the sports almanac that covers major sporting events from 1950-2000. He then travels back to 2015 and basically, Biff becomes rich and powerful betting on games using the almanac. So in 1985 now, the world basically revolves around Biff. Biff, as you can see, looks and acts exactly like 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In fact, Back to the Future writer, Bob Gale, said that they based the alternate 1985 Biff after Trump.

8. Waiter-less Restaurants

At one point in the movie, Marty goes to the Cafe 80's and orders a Pepsi from a TV screen. There is now something similar going on at restaurants. For example, at Applebee's, you can order from just a screen.

7. Hands-free Video Games

"You mean you have to use your hands?"
"You mean you have to use your hands?"

At the Cafe 80's, there are two kids and they plug in an arcade machine for a game called "Wild Gunman", which Marty was skilled at. After he shows them how it works, one of the kids goes, "You mean you have to use your hands?" The other then says, "That's like a baby's toy!"

Well, now we actually have the Xbox Kinect, which allows you to play without your hands.

6. Machines you can talk to

Lorraine uses a hydrator machine to hydrate a pizza just by saying, "Hydrate level four, please." Now we have Siri, which we talk to. But sadly, when you say that to the hydrator, it gives a full size pizza. If you say it to Siri, she says, "I'm not sure I understand." Kind of dystopian if you ask me.

5. Technology Obsession

In the modern day and age, everyone is obsessed with the latest technology, whether it's the new iPhone 6s, selfies, Vine, or even going on websites like and writing posts about accurate movie predictions. At the dinner scene, we see that Marty Jr. and Marlene are obsessed with their technological items. In the pic above, Marty Jr. is using what looks suspiciously like the Oculus Rift.

4. Surf Vietnam

When Doc throws away the almanac and Biff spots it, you see behind them is a poster that reads "Surf Vietnam". Well, you can now actually surf in Vietnam. I know, I know. It's not important.

3. Drones that take Pictures

When Griff and his friends are getting arrested, you see that there is a picture being taken of them by a drone. Now, there are actually drones that can take pictures.

2. Cubs Win World Series

This movie predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the 2015 World Series for the first time in a century. The World Series is about to start, and the Cubs actually have a chance to win as long as they can come back to beat the New York Mets, because they are currently trailing 3-0. We'll see tonight.

1. Miami Baseball Team

Back in 1989, there was no MLB team based in Miami. In 1993, a team named the Florida Marlins began, but they weren't even renamed the Miami Marlins until 2011.

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