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Yes, you have read the title correct. It seems some fans are resenting the diversity of the new Star Wars movie.

A social media movement using the hashtag , is accusing the film of pushing a multicultural agenda and engaging in "white genocide," according to one of the tweets using the hashtag. This was started by a Twitter account called End Cultural Marxism. She is a open racist who wants to fight against white genocide blah blah blah blah...

This movement has been started because these racist morons are upset that the main characters are not white males. You have John Boyega a black actor, Daisy Ridley a woman and Oscar Isaac a Arabic desendant actor. So of course you are always going to get the narrow minded people who obsess over colour. I do however, appluad JJ Abrahms for casting a diverse cast but also for casting talented actors.

When you read these tweets what is concerning that it has generated "support". What I mean is, is that people always find it easy to be vile behind a keyboard but will they watch the movie anyway? Of course they will.

Luckily there are many intelligent, open minded people who will watch the most anticipated movie of the year.

I appluad these tweets :).


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