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In 2008, Marvel Studios took one of the biggest gambles in film history. With the release of Iron Man they began to create the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a series of films which share the same world and characters. The gamble paid off massively as the MCU is now the highest grossing film series of all time, and it continues to go from strength the strength. With Phase Three upon us, I thought it would be nice to go back and have a look at some magic moments from Phase One... So without further ado, let's crack on!

I Am Iron Man!

There is a saying that you should always start strongly, with Iron Man, Marvel Studios most certainly did. Iron Man was a huge success, reinvigorating both Robert Downey Jr's career and superhero films as a genre. At the end of the film, the world is well aware of Iron Man and a press conference takes place at Stark Industries. In this press conference, Stark is given a carefully prepared speech explaining that while Iron Man was fighting the Iron Monger he was out on his yacht. He starts to give his statement and is then asked about the superhero Iron Man. He totally disregards his prepared statement and reveals to the world that he is Iron Man. From that moment on, the viewers know that the Marvel Universe has changed forever!

Thor Doesn't Understand

Thor doesn't quite get human behaviour
Thor doesn't quite get human behaviour

One thing that the MCU has shown in all its films is a sense of humour. Iron Man was full of wit and wisecracks from its main character and there are plenty of other examples. Thor's struggles after being banished to Midgard prove this. Not only does he continue to speak in his grandiose Asgardian fashion, but he also does not quite understand human interaction. His visit to a cafe culminates on him throwing his mug on the floor demanding another drink, much to the horror of his companions. Then later on, when he visits a pet shop he bellows to the owner that he needs a horse. After being told they only sell rabbits, birds and hamsters, this is his response...

Cap Says Goodbye to Peggy

Peggy begs Cap to change his plan...
Peggy begs Cap to change his plan...

Captain America: The First Avenger features one of the strongest female characters in the MCU, Peggy Carter. Peggy does not have any superpowers but she is vitally important to the film. During the final act, Cap is flying a plane armed with weapons of mass destruction that is on a collision course with America. Seeing no other way to stop it, he resolves to sacrifice himself by putting the plane into the ocean. Peggy begs Cap not to do it. She is not ready to lose the man she loves, but he is adamant that there isn't enough time. This exchange is played beautifully by both Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans and the pain of losing the man she loves is clear to see on Peggy's face. This exchange shows that while the MCU is a big, bold world full of superheroes, it also has a heart.

Avengers Assembled!

Finally, after a whole film of bickering, we have the moment we clamoured for when the MCU was first announced. The Avengers were a team at last! Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and the Hulk finally joined forces in one glorious shot. The culmination of 4 years of movies had come at last. The team now functioned perfectly and, led by Captain America, the team thwarted the Chitauri invasion. Now it was plain to see throughout all the world that the Avengers were here at last!

Puny God!

...Need I say any more?

These are just some of the magical moments from Phase One of the MCU, let me know in the comments if you have any more to add! Stay tuned for magic moments from Phase Two!


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