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Teen Titans Go is a Satanic toddler cult show that premiered on CN in the form of the Teen Titans. What do I think about it? exactly what i said above. Teen Titans Go is the worst show you could watch ever since Johny Test. Before I get into the show itself I would like to tell you what they used to be. Teen Titans was in my opinion the best DC cartoon to come out but it was canceled before it could release its sixth season and finish the plots. It had great characters and great stories. There was a fan uproar until ten years after TT was canceled CN released a reboot all about comedy.

Now lets get to the why this show is a spit in the face to everyone and everything CN and DC owns. The show was not funny and a spit in the face to Teen Titans fans and it turned great characters into assholes with literally no character traits. Beast Boy is a vegetarian but he clearly its meat in the show, Raven was Gothic and controlled but here she is a MLP fangirl, Cyborg was limited but pushed to break those limits but here he is crazy and annoying as all fuck, Star fire is a dumbass highschool student like character and Robin is a dictator. CN also advertises it as our new favourite show, NEW FAVOURITE SHOW MY ASS, which is wrong on so many levels. OH Yeah, what do the creators do to respond to criticism, they make a Young Justice crossover that was insulting Young Justice and Teen Titans fans alike. They also made an episode about Slade except Slade was not even in it, it had Slade in the title but they only show his head and they reference the movie. It was actually about how adults should not watch cartoons. That is just insulting.

They also rip off the old show in so many ways. They also put scrooge Mcduck in one of the episodes, God Disney, SUE THEM, they rippped off MLP and so much more. This show is rip off central.

Why have not every media company in the world sue them yet? I dunno. I hope this show is canceled.

Copy and paste the link above to go to a petition to cancel TTG.


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