ByMalice O'Conner, writer at

The Joker is the ultimate villain. He presents some of the most despicable traits and has brought about carnage, chaos, destruction, misery and death in his wake. Far beyond the other villains. Joker has fought off good since 1940, before any villain of his caliber was invented, he was the first real bad-guy. Even in the numerous portrayals (Animated, Comics, Games, or films.) Each with their own style and panache but the comic will always remain his truest source. If you know anything about Batman, then you would know the kind of twisted things he can do, and come up with. As an iconic symbol of madness and chaos, Joker became expediently popular after Heath Ledger's performance. The reason isn't because of his villainous nature but the nature of the truth he spoke with madness as a side-effect creating his reality. Making Madness almost seem sane.


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