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Rezwan Hussain

The Flash is back this with another exciting and thrilling episode. The 2nd season of the Flash finally brings back Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold (portrayed by Wentworth Miller). The episode starts off with Iris stuck in the middle of a shootout as she was trying to gain some information, and The Flash saves her.

The Star Labs team was having a time off where they collide with Lisa Snart a.k.a. the Golden Glider. From her, the team comes to know that Captain Cold is kidnapped. Upon investigating, the team locates Snart using some techy thingy on his gun only to find out that he was working with his father. Lisa, upon hearing this, is shocked and shows the team that her father used to abuse her.

Meanwhile, we see Father Snart blowing up his tech's head off in front of Captain Cold. After discovering the tech's body and that he was one of Father Snart's associates, Barry makes a plan to infiltrate their crew as a tech guy. They also figured that the Father also planted a bomb in Lisa's head and that is what is provoking Captain Cold on his commands.

On the other hand, Joe takes advice from Barry, and tells Iris that her mother is alive and that he was sorry that he lied all these years just to protect his daughter. Iris understands and decides to meet with her mother once, which surely we will see in the upcoming episode.

However, with Captain Cold's Support, Barry gets in the crew, helps the crew get in through the security, only to get shot by Father Snart. But, Barry is the Flash right? He used his speed to stop the bullet, and act as if he was shot.

With the team working on getting the bomb out of Lisa's neck, Barry confronts Father Snart as Flash and tries to stall him as the team works. Once the bomb is out, Barry tells Captain Cold that Lisa is safe, and he then shoots his own father with his cold gun.

Captain Cold is arrested and Barry is seen meeting him in the prison, telling Captain Cold that even though he is a criminal, there is still good in him. This kind of sets the Legend's of Tomorrow in motion. Also back at Star Labs, we see rising chemistry between Jay Garrick and Caitlin. One point that many might have missed is that Jay Garrick also mentions about his Earth and says "after the particle accelerator exploded" which tells us that Earth 2 also suffered a disaster, kind of brings Harrison Wells into the mind. Hold that thought.

The team is happy to see the breach between two earths ready to penetrate, but asks Jay to hang around till they deal with Zoom. Suddenly, Professor Stein, lights up like Firestorm, only this time it was blue fire, which definitely will be answered in the upcoming episodes and this too sets up a motion for the new show.

In the end, we see what many audience was probably waiting for. HARRISON WELLS! Told you to hold that thought. Harrison Wells comes through the breach from Earth 2 to Earth 1 and how about that?

The episode was another amazing hour produced by the Flash team with thins slowly starting to build tension, fun, thrill, and of course the new show. That's all for this week, hope to catch up with more Flash next week. Till then enjoy the Flash extended promo for Season 2, episode 4.


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