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st hard enough to scratch our heads •Don't be gimmicky like Phantom Hourglass (Don't get me weong though, I like Phantom Hourglass) •Don't copy The Elder Scrolls •Don't make it QUITE as handholding as Skyward Sword (Again, I DO like that game; there's no Zelda game I dislike, save for the CD-i games [and even those are simply mediocre {at best}]); Perhaps add an option to give hints •Overusing amiibo •Heavy character customization (light would be good, ex., gender, hair color) •Being a "where the [email protected]&* do I go??!!!" game (while still having exploration) Things to do: •Add multiplayer •Pay homage to all previous Zelda games •Have 3DS support •Have LIGHT, one time swipe amiibo support •Choose your gender (not THAT important, but it would be a novel concept and a good idea, in my opinion; It could backfire though...) •Good exploration options while still being linear •Good sidequests and sidequest rewards •Mini-Games •Unlockable demos of previous Zelda games •A good companion with hints available when you ask for them, not when the game decides you need one (maybe even a level of hints; 0=disabled, 1=a cryptic hint, 2=an idea of where to go or an idea of the item you need, 3=where to go, 4=where to go and the item [A.K.A., cheat mode]) And those are just a few suggestions for Zelda Wii U... Even if none are used, I still have high hopes!! Nintendo won't let me down!!!

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