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In 2014, Legendary brought Godzilla back to the silver screen, and the blockbuster was successful enough to garner another film. While the sequel will not be in theaters until 2018, there are big plans for Godzilla, as the king of monsters goes face to face with another iconic beast.

Last week, Legendary Pictures and Universal made a monstrous announcement. It has been confirmed that Legendary Pictures will team once again with Warner Bros to bring a brawl between Godzilla and King Kong to the big screen. King Kong was scheduled to make a return in Kong: Skull Island, and the film is still coming to theaters in Spring 2017.

Yet, instead of Universal distributing the film, WB will now bring the picture to theaters as the objective is to have the film connect in with Legendary's Godzilla -- which will help build up to the monsters' inevitable clash. Not only does this update lead me to believe that we have a major blockbuster on our hands, but it stands to reason that Godzilla vs. Kong could open the door to another possibility.

As Marvel, DC, and Lucasfilm create and continue to build their respective Cinematic Universes, it stands to reason that Legendary could do the same with this collaboration. A Kaiju Cinematic Universe is quite possible. Toho, the studio responsible for some of the earliest monster movies (including Godzilla and the monsters of his universe) practically pulled it off with their original line up of Godzilla movies. But in this case, Legendary Pictures has major opportunity at their disposal. I think Legendary could do something truly unique with a Kaiju Cinematic Universe by bringing a variety of monster movies to a new audience. This is a long shot, but if WB and Legendary tend to create a full franchise, here are some movies that I would like to see in a Kaiju Cinematic Universe.


Aside from Godzilla, perhaps the most popular kaiju in Japan is none other than Mothra. With her mystical aspects, Mothra has been featured in a number of movies over the years, with several films dealing with the massive moth going up against Godzilla. In fact, Mothra is scheduled to make cinematic return in Godzilla 2. While it will be great to see Mothra once again go up against Godzilla, I think that if Legendary wants to add another monster film to this franchise then best one to go with would be a solo film on the deity kaiju.

A Mothra film could work in this franchise. Audiences will already be familiar with the creature after seeing her in Godzilla 2, however, whether or not the film goes into her origins remains to be seen. If the movie does go into Mothra's story, then a solo film could cover everything else that we need to know about the Kaiju. If anything, a Mothra film could provide moviegoers a definitive subgenre within potential Kaiju movie franchises. Seeing that Mothra is supernatural in nature, a new film on her could bring an element that would set her apart from Godzilla. It really depends on how Mothra is presented in Godzilla 2, but hopefully this iconic Kaiju's return will be good enough for her to receive her very own film.

Pacific Rim 2

The fate of Pacific Rim is unknown at this point. Originally, Pacific Rim 2 was slated for a Spring 2018 release, but new reports states that production for the movie is put on hold. While the future looks bleak for the Guillermo Del Toro project, I have an interesting (and crazy) idea. How about Legendary Pictures finds a way to bring Pacific Rim into the Godzilla lineup?

This may prove to be difficult, as Pacific Rim is clearly meant to be in its own continuum, but it would not be impossible for the series to work in a Kaiju Cinematic Universe. Pacific Rim could be much like what Guardians of the Galaxy is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by being its own thing. If the studios were to bring Pacific Rim into the fold, then the sequel would have to establish elements that connects with the likes of Godzilla. This is not to say that the Jaegers have to take on the King of Monsters (though that would be cool), but Pacific Rim 2 would have to feature something that ties in with either Godzilla or Kong.

Having Pacific Rim as a part of this universe would be great because it would give another aspect to this shared franchise; plus it would be great to have another film dealing with Jaegers fighting Kaijus. I know it may seem impossible but having the Pacific Rim films in this Kaiju Cinematic Universe could be very beneficial by bringing another element to this Monster Movie lineup; and it would help to keep the story of Jaegers going. Plus, Guillermo Del Toro did once mention that he would be up for a crossover with Godzilla.

Destroy All Monsters

Prior to the release of Godzilla, director Gareth Edwards did say that a sequel would feature elements from the film Destroy All Monsters -- a movie that features a ensemble of Kaijus including Godzilla. That looks to be case in Godzilla 2 as the King of Monsters will be joined by Mothra, Rodan and Ghidora.

However, I think the studio should go one step further with this concept. I think that the Kaiju Cinematic Universe should have a Destroy All Monsters movie, but I feel that the film should be the cornerstone of this franchise. It may seem crazy but a movie that captures the elements from Godzilla, Kong and even Pacific Rim would be one heck of a blockbuster. Seeing the likes of Godzilla, Kong, Mothra, Gypsy Danger and other monsters in an all out brawl would be crazy, but it would be fitting given the context of this shared universe.

How one goes about putting a story together for a Destroy All Monsters film remains to be seen, but I am sure that the filmmakers could come up with something that bring these creatures (and robots) together. While it may not be easy, I do think that Destroy All Monsters should be The Avengers of this Cinematic Universe as it only seems appropriate to have thing come to head in a war of Kaijus.

It may seem crazy to have a Kaiju Cinematic Universe, but it does seem likely now that certain movies are in motion. Having the likes of King Kong in the same universe with Godzilla is great enough, but the possibility of a lineup filled with Kaijus seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up. The question is will Legendary Picture pull the trigger and actually bring these monster movies together. For this Film Adventurer: I can only hope so.


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