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Throughout the most recognizable saga of all time (and best in general), there are many, many opinions, including one that I just gave away...

Do I like Star Wars?

Is that really considered a question? (cough, it's the best thing ever)

Prequels or Originals?

Originals (and they say that the kids of this generation genuinely love the prequels!!!)

But Do I Like the Prequels?

Yes, honestly. Do I think they were terrible in any way shape or form? Not really, at all. They are still Star Wars movies, so therefore they are good. Still, though, the originals ARE BETTER.

Do I Hate Jar Jar?

No I do not. And, you should not either, for hate leads to suffering...

Did Han Shoot First?

Yes... for sure.

Are You Scared For the Outcome of Ep. 7?

Hamill. Fisher. Ford. Mayhew. Daniels. Baker. Let alone a whole new SW movie. What's not to love?

Thanks for checking this out and make sure to keep on making new opinions for me to respond to!

Thanks for reading!!! :)


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