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When I was invited by Moviepilot to attend a press event for Nintendo, I had a small idea of what it was going to be like. In my head, I thought we were going to be in a medium sized room with a few Wii U systems set up and a couple of Nintendo 3DS to play around with while we bark questions at Nintendo employees. What happened instead was something that threw me for a loop and it reminded me why it's such an awesome time to be a Creator and it all started with, just like the Marvel event I was invited to, becoming hopelessly lost. Also parking was a nightmare, but that's just L.A. being L.A.

The event itself wasn't so much an event as it was a sit-down. Where I was expecting a room to stand around and play video games in, I was led into a conference room with four or five people all looking up at me. There was a bunch of Nintendo paraphernalia strewn about and, to my relief, there was a Wii U set up with a couple of 3DS systems for good measure. I sat down and the first thing I thought was that I didn't know where to put my hands. That's weird, right? A little weird, but please keep in mind that this was my first time hanging around a bunch of awesome gaming nerds who actually make the games themselves, let alone in such an intimate setting - which brings us to my first takeaway.

These guys absolutely love what they do

That should be obvious since video games are their chosen profession but it was something else entirely to be able to sit down with them and talk about the projects they were involved in. There was genuine pride and excitement with one of the Nintendo people raving about her "baby," Pokémon: Super Mystery Dungeon. She was part of the North American localization team and she talked about the 700+ Pokémon available in the game. I got into a rant about how back in my day we had 150 and had to carry around a heavy wire to do anything multiplayer almost immediately after her mention of online connectivity. It was so much fun and I absolutely admired the people in the room who were involved in the games' creation. The way they talked about it got me excited - and that's my clever segue to my next point.

Nintendo has a pretty solid Holiday lineup

They know their target audience and with games like Skylanders and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, they're giving them what they want in new and shiny ways. Every game I had a chance to try out had connectivity and a shared experience in mind. There was also some pretty clever use of peripherals and toys like the Amiibos to help bring the games to life. Admittedly, I'm a PC and PS4 fanboy but I've always had respect for Nintendo. The NES was my gateway system and I haven't looked back since, which bring me to my last point.

It's an absolutely amazing time to be a gamer

When I was a little kid playing on a square controller for the NES, I would have never dreamed that games would come this far, this quickly in terms of technology. Nine-year-old me would have flipped his lid over the fact that there are physical toys you can buy that you can inject into a game via a portal peripheral. That's absolutely wild!

Photo: Kotaku
Photo: Kotaku

The new and inventive features for the system had me a little nostalgic. I was a little kid all over again.

Overall, the entire experience was a fun adventure and that includes the parking nightmare, and even the part where I got severely lost in Downtown Los Angeles. I can't thank Moviepilot enough for giving me the opportunity to experience something so incredible and allowing me to spend time with some awesome people, not only getting to play their masterful games. If you're reading this and you're not a Creator on Moviepilot, I urge you to give it a try and get to geeking. For those who are, sign up for the 'Perks Program' for a chance to get fun swag and great opportunities like the one I so graciously received. I sounded like an ad just then, but I'm just being honest. There's a reason why Moviepilot has 100,000 Creators on the site typing away! So, thank you again, Moviepilot. A massive thank you to Nintendo, too! I'm glad I didn't break any of your stuff. That would have been super awkward.


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