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Doesn't matter if you're a no-nonsense military drill sergeant, a bitter loner or a crazed sociopath, everyone has a soft spot. There are some things in life that just tug on the heartstrings of anyone and everyone. Puppies, Disney, nostalgia, old married people, these are just a few of my favorite things that get me right in the heart every time. And it just so happens, YouTuber Jason Lyle Black (a.k.a. The Backwards Piano Man) managed to combine all four into a wonderfully sweet wedding anniversary video, take a look!


If that video didn't make you a little bit teary-eyed, or at the very least have a smile on your face, there might be something wrong with you. From the first note of that song, I couldn't help but to cover my mouth, dumbfounded by how precious this video was. Everything from the outfits Black had his grandparents dress up in, to the small joke he threw in with the dog, is beautifully executed. I'm sure the creators of Up would love to see what their movie has inspired.


This isn't the first time Disney has influenced a Black video. On his YouTube channel, he has a melody mash-up of songs from Frozen. But what other Disney movies do you think he should tap into?

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