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Warning: Possible Spoilers for episode J.S.S.

For my first post I feel it's fitting to write about my favorite show.. The Walking Dead has yet again blow me away this past Sunday ,with what I would argue to be the best episode of any show..Ever! There has been a lot of talk this week about the epic that is still burned in all our minds, and although I some of the theories are very interesting and may have merit..There is one theory I just can't allow myself to agree with. While coming up with reasons as to why I don't/can't agree with I (believe) I may have stumbled on a theory of my own. So keeping in mind I'm new here, please bear with me.. Now the theory I KNOW in my heart of hearts is wrong is.

Enid being in cahoots with the wolves!

I have so many problems with this theory, but I will bring my list down to a select few. Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand how easy it would be to think that Enid (whom overnight became one of my favorite characters)could possibly be a "plant" by the wolves (I almost bought it myself), but one thing I have learned from the cryptic writers of the show. Nothing is that easy.. We were given a beautifully executed glimpse into Enid's past of how she came to be alone, how she got into the town. And if you really pay attention.. Why she couldn't be a wolf..

Enid has a new life creed (also my new philosophy and tattoo) J.S.S. or Just Survive Somehow is what Enid lives by, and although that could imply a partnership with the wolves for survival I don't believe that is the case. When we first see Enid she is with her parents being a lookout as they go over a map until they get ambushed by a mob of walkers. The next scene she is locked in the car covered in blood crying over her dead parents. After that we embark with her on her lonely trek, and watch how she survives every situation writing j.s.s. untill she reaches the town.

The reasons behind the wolves theory are as follows:

1. Carl looking at the one of Enid's comics from season 5 the title "wolf fight"
2. She shows up to the town, and leaves when the wolves do.
3. She has keys to every house in town.
4. She tells Carl "they're just people". sympathizing with the wolves.
5. She tells carl about the blind spots and then is cut off when saying "That's how we were able to-".

Again, it's very easy to mistake what and why the writers would lay these things out in our faces. This is why I believe these are wrong.

Although I am not entirely sure about the comic I believe he( Carl) found it in the room that the brothers used as a place to getaway, meaning I don't think they are Enid's comics at all but may have "borrowed" them from one of the boys. As I said earlier, her story should explain why she leaves when she does. I believe she leaves when she does because she was starting to have feelings for Carl. Enid may not have died when her parents did, but a huge part of her did leaving a former shell of herself. She would not want to have feelings for anyone again saving herself the hurt of losing another. We don't know the time span from her losing her parents to her arrival at the town. It's safe to say that she has possibly seen terrible things and people doing even worse. I believe the statement "They're just people" is a form a sympathy for the wolves but not in the way you may think. What I think she means is , Anyone can become a wolf! For instance, when Morgan was confronting the group of wolves insisting they leave and says something about "choosing to live this way" and the man replies "we didn't choose" meaning circumstances create wolves and Enid knows this. The fact that Enid has keys to every house doesn't mean that they are for the wolves. I believe she has those keys as a mean of " J.S.S.'ing". She is smart, has ingenuity, and is very methodical. The keys are her way of getting anywhere and everywhere if she has to. About the her being cut off by Carl. I honestly believe all she was going to say was the blindspots are how we were able to sneak in and out.( The we of course being her and Carl). The wolves are basic pack hunters,scavengers and cannibals. I think they would follow as close as possible to real wolf packs. They hunt by tiring the weak and surrounding. I don't believe they would accept a little girl in and use her as a "sleeper cell" they are not that methodical.

I realize I may be alone in my theory since I see so many flocking to her being a wolf. I just see so many aspects of her character not being a wolf. Yes, her some of her actions, like leaving, could be perceived as her being a wolf... THEN IT HIT ME.... THE J.S.S IS THE ANSWER TO IT ALL! go with me here..

The fact that we don't see her write J.S.S. until the loss of her parents,and how she was covered in blood locked in the car with one remaining zombie led me to believe that ,not only did her parents sacrifice themselves for her,but also left her with the parting words to JUST SURVIVE SOMEHOW. This, becoming her new mantra or creed (if you will) isn't just a reminder of her parents or their sacrifice. She also uses it as a "marker" of the time and place she has does something should wouldn't do in normal circumstances but has to for survival. If you noticed she doesn't just write J.S.S She writes it in the place of change or creates J.S.S. with the object of change (like turtle bones). I believe this is why she writes J.S.S on her hand before going into the town, because now she's decided to change herself (or her way of thinking at least) and join a group. But the real reason I know J.S.S is so more important than you may realize is... If I'm right (or close at least) and the J.S.S. has so much meaning to her it would mean she couldn't be a wolf. Why..... Because she left its meaning for Carl. It's not crude writing, or written in dirt with bones. It was beautifully written on paper meaning she took her time. (then what's the change you may ask?) The change is, her sharing her creed and basically her life with carl. If those were her parents last words to her as their "Goodbye" then she lied to Carl when she said she wouldn't say goodbye that is how Enid says Goodbye in this new world by letting pieces of her former self die and every time saying J.S.S...

Another realization and importance of J.S.S and maybe the deciding factor.. I don't believe she's a wolf,but that doesn't mean she's not to blame of the attack. As important as the "markers" of J.S.S are to her in her growth as she traveled, I think the answer is Enid may have led the wolves to the town unknowingly with the J.S.S "markers".

Well, that's my first post thanks for reading please tell me what you think. Is she or isn't she?


If you were Enid what would you do??


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