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Ever wondered who could defeat the mad titan Thanos? I know I certainly have and with all the time I've had to think about it I've finally narrowed it down to just the right people. Also, this will be Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet since that's obviously too much for almost anyone to handle.

1. Deathstroke

First on the list we have Deathstroke. With the experience and training he's had, I think he could very well take on the Titan Thanos, with a little preparation of course. Deathstroke has not only killed Gods, but he's also taken on the Justice League alone! Not to mention he possesses something called "nth" which is an impossible metal to break, and possibly the strongest metal in all of the D.C. universe. Not to mention this is the guy Superman goes to when in need of a tactician.

2. The Flash

Next we have the Flash! Able to run faster than the speed of light, the Flash could most definitely take on Thanos. He is able to phase through walls, is an expert in hand to hand combat, has accelerated reflexes, and even has a regenerative healing factor. The Flash would without a doubt come out on top against Thanos. He's even fast enough to run on clouds!

3. Captain America/Iron Man

Next up we have Captain America and Iron Man. Since these two have been working together for so long, I think they make the perfect duo to take on Thanos. Having taken him on before, these guys know what they're in for and with their experience together, I'm sure they could put down Thanos. Not easily of course but they for certain would get the job done. Not to mention Iron Man is strong enough to damage the Hulk! Captain America is also able to know an enemy's weakness after just one encounter.

4. Ultron

Now we have the unstoppable machine known as Ultron. Having a history of completely taking over humanity, Ultron could indeed overpower Thanos as well. He was able to kill Captain America, Iron Man, and just about everyone else so that definitely qualifies him as someone able to take on the Titan Thanos. With his body fully made up of adamantium, it would be almost impossible for Thanos to even damage him. Ultron is a force to reckoned with! Not to mention his intellect has even surpassed Tony Stark decades into the future.

5. Sinestro/Green Lantern

And finally we have Sinestro and Green Lantern. Another duo that has periodically had some great teamwork, I think they could very well beat Thanos. With Green Lantern having the power of will and Sinestro having the power of fear, combined they could be almost unstoppable! Not to mention Green Lantern/Hal Jordan is fast enough to catch Zoom.

But that's not all. Sinestro has survived being cut in half. Surely he can take any damage Thanos throws at him.

Agree with my list?


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