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Remember that spy-movie that came out in 2003 called The Recruit? If not, that's not much a surprise. The film didn't really become a" breakout hit" when it came and went from the box-office but it did become a "cult classic" in some circles. The movie had two fairly decent actors but wasn't as notable since you don't hear anyone talking about how great it is or how it was "the best movie ever". Still, the film did offer some interesting performances and an interesting story, but more could've been done with the premise. In fact, The Recruit would actually make a decent TV series if it was ever brought to the small-screen, even though there is no foreseeable way that it will happen.

Here is the plot synopsis for the film:

In an era when the country's first line of defense - human intelligence - is more important than ever, comes an explosive thriller that gives an insider's view into the CIA's secret training ground: The Farm. James Clayton (Colin Farrell) might not have the attitude of a typical recruit, but he is one of the smartest graduating seniors in the country -- and he's just the person that Walter Burke (Al Pacino) wants in the Agency.

The Recruit is interesting for a number a reasons. First, for it's portrayal of the CIA and how agents are trained as well as their interactions. It's intriguing to see the kind of thinking that an agent adopts when they join the organization and how that changes them. Second, a TV series would offer the chance to build upon these ideas while offering a wider scope of the world these characters inhabit. A show would also have more time to develop characters and their individual stories while balancing the overreaching plot and suspense. Finally, they would be able to further explore the relationships between CIA recruits and their mentors and how that relationship changes over time.

With so many movies being turned into tv shows and tv shows being turned into movies it's hard to understand why no one has touched this film, which could actually use a weekly TV series. The Recruit may have been underrated as a film, but it could be praised as a great TV series that offers suspense and intrigue on a weekly basis. New tv shows and movies are being made and written everyday, even though so many of them never get produced or made, but The Recruit could be a contender if it was pitched for television. This is all opinion, but this really does have potential that deserves to be capitalized on. Studios simply haven't realized it yet.


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