ByTimothy Heaver, writer at
Personally though I think the Batman/ Slade Wilson thing is a bit much, I take that theory with a very small grain of salt. It's a bit rediculous. However the Joker/Robin thing had me curious. However I propose a different theory. Now one can tell with the shoulder wounds, the winged tattoo *robins* and the R tattoo can all be credible clues to the Joker/Robin theory. But let's take one step further, a Christopher Nolan step, lets consider that perhaps this Joker has always been the joker and that perhaps he made up the alias known as Jason Todd/ Robin all as a game in order to get close to and then break Batman. Perhaps there never was a lagitament Jason Todd in this universe. Perhaps it was all a deception to further add to the grand complexities that is Joker expanding on Leto's joker. After all you need something big when competing against the Joker that came before *Heath*. When considering the BatmanvSuperman trailer you see Batman breaking a soldiers neck, plotting to kill Superman and holding a gun on a skyscraper. The Joker's initial goal has always been to make Batman like him, to bring Batman to his level and cause him to break his no kill code. With such a complex plan, I'm almost convinced that it could possibly be a credible theory.

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