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Before you start asking questions, I'm talking about the BBC's Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Doctor Watson. For months now there has been a buzz about the upcoming Christmas special which still has no air date. While we have no clue when it's airing, it seems that we will be seeing Sherlock and Watson on the big screen around the world!

The Victorian themed special already has people talking about the odd setting of time (Time travel maybe). But it seems that someone over at BBC knows when it'll be airing if they want to simulcast it in theaters all over the world. I'm taking a wild guess that it will premiere sometime around Christmas because it is a Christmas special after all, right?

Do not fret, friends. There is other Sherlock news that has been spiraling around that series 4 will begin shooting around April. Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Watson on Sherlock mentioned in a little interview that series 4 will be shooting in April. Amanda also mentions that filming the Victorian special was fun. She tells RadioTimes of the mysterious plot:

“It’s not what you think. People say the perfect thing was that Sherlock was modern day. But I know what’s happened. There’s more to this... Although I can say that it’s great.”

Boy, does this leave me with much excitement for both the Christmas special and series 4 of Sherlock. I can't wait to see the mysterious plot for the special that Amanda mentions and even more for the series 4 to start production April. Time to start counting the days..Sherlockians start your clocks! The game is on!

Check out the teaser for the Sherlock Special:


How excited are you guys the "Sherlock" special and series 4?


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