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Once Upon a Time is a show that I religiously watch every Sunday and it is the perfect show for any person who is obsessed with Disney and fairytales in general. The list goes on and on of characters that have come through Storybrooke but recently there are a few things that need to happen to make OUAT go back to the great show it was in the beginning.

1) Zelena needs to go.

I'm going to dive right in on this one and say that Zelena, Regina's sister, needs to go back to Oz because she is seriously annoying. Now she's pregnant with Robin's baby and it seems like she is stuck in the storyline. Maybe she will come in handy later but as of now it's not happening and all she does is whine about how Regina always wins.

2) Mulan and Aurora need to come back.

In Seasons 2 and 3, Mulan and Aurora were friends and while they did stick around for a while, I thought that their characters were really strong and their story wasn't quite finished when they exited the show. If they brought them back, I'm positive they would be helpful in fighting whatever evil they are up against this time.

3) Where did Ruby go?

Ruby/ Little Red Riding Hood was a big character in the beginning of the show. She was a staple at Granny's Diner and was featured in a number of episodes. But all of a sudden she was just gone. She was just an awesome character so I wish that they just explained where she went.

4) Rumplestiltskin needs to do... something...

Sometimes I like Rumple as a character and other times I've wanted him to just disappear because he was so awful. In season 5, now that he is no longer the Dark One, I'm trying to figure out what his purpose is and what he will do now. Will he go back to being a coward now that he doesn't have any power? Will he devise a plan to somehow regain his power or will he just kind of fizzle out? I can't picture that happening because he has been such a big character in all 5 seasons. I hope they figure out a way to keep him an interesting character.

5) Stop being mean to Henry!

When he was little, Henry was practically the center of the show and the reason for it's existence. Then last season, he was all of a sudden rarely in the episodes. I'm not sure if it was because he grew up and lost the little boy cuteness or something else, but Henry was always the character that figured out the missing piece and what they should do to get out of whatever situation they were in. So why give him two lines an episode now? Henry is helpful and deserves better!


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