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"...don't think you're better than me"

Amber Rose was recently featured in GQ magazine, where she posed nude in a high class photoshoot. But it's Amber's interview in the feature that has really stolen people's attention. Rose went into detail about ex-boyfriend Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian, and her sex tape, and made a few remarks directly towards Kim. The Kardashian-Rose feud seems to have no end in sight.

Rose exhibiting her voluptuous physique for GQ
Rose exhibiting her voluptuous physique for GQ

During the interview, Rose certainly did not hesitate to share her opinion on Kim Kardashian, stating:

I think it's f***ing awesome that she did a sex tape and made millions of dollars for her family. But let's not forget where we came from. Because I didn't.

Rose is referring to her own beginnings as a 15-year-old stripper which she compares to Kim's 'breakout' sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. For sure a cleverly crafted comment that appears polite and inoffensive on the surface -- but the shadiness definitely penetrates through!

Evidently on a role, the Philadelphia native did not stop there. She also shared her thoughts on Kim K's sex tape, adding:

She probably had a f***ing blast. And guess what? At the time she was in love with that guy ... [s]o don't think you're better than me, because we've all had trials and tribulations.

Nothing subtle that time.

This is nothing new for the rivals who have been feuding ever since 2020 USA presidential candidate Kanye West claimed on a radio interview that he had to shower 30 times before he could get close to Kim. This was not helped when Amber went to war on the battlefields of Twitter with House Kardashian-Jenner, where shots were fired between the How To Be A Bad Ass Bitch author and Khloe Kardashian.

Judging by the amount of retweets and favorites, it looks like Twitter declared Amber Rose as the emergent winner in this particular fight.

In the midst of all this feuding, we can only imagine how smug Kim Kardashian's superstar rapper husband Kanye West must be. Looking down from the tower where he records amazing hip-hop tracks to the scene of women at war who are essentially fighting over him.

We hope you're happy with yourself, Kanye.

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