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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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What do you see in the image above? Two gorgeous, unbelievably cute little blonde twins, right? There's no doubt that 5-year-olds Baylie (L) and Rylie (R) are cute as buttons, but for one enterprising horror photographer, these little angels are a canvas for some real horror...

LA production company 22 Vision dressed Baylie and Rylie Cregut -- stars of TV's Raising Hope -- as some of the creepiest kids in horror history, and the results are sweet!

The Grady Twins - The Shining


Samara - The Ring

22 Vision exec Brian Pocrass explained his inspiration for the horror-themed shoot:

One weekend day in June, my 4-year-old niece had a birthday princess party where everybody came in costume. One girl in particular came in with long dark hair and I joked to a friend that she kinda looked like Samara from The Ring. My friend told me to stop because that movie scared him to no end and he [didn’t] want to think about it.

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Regan - The Exorcist

The original Regan MacNeil, Linda Blair herself was so impressed with the shoot that she said:

Great makeup, great photographs, great job! I was shocked and think they are terrific.

Chucky & Tiffany - Bride of Chucky

Pocrass commented on how dedicated and enthused the Cregut twins were:

The girls were fascinated with the whole transformation process — the costumes, hair and makeup. It was like the ultimate game of dress up for them… [they] were [even] actively trying to out-scare each other [during the shoot]!

The Children - Village of the Damned

A personal favorite movie, it's great to see this adaptation of John Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos honored like this.

Source: 22 Vision, Facebook


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