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Who do you get to teach your daughter to kick ass when you happen to be Vin Diesel? Ronda Rousey, of course!

Clearly only the very best will do for Vin's 7-year-old daughter Hania when it comes to the important issue of self-defense, because the Furious 7 star has hired none other than fiercest female in mixed martial arts to do the job.

Vin spoke to WENN magazine about being an overprotective father and how he wants his daughter be as empowered as possible when she eventually makes her own way in the world, he explained:

"First of all I feel sorry for anyone that has to (date her). I wouldn't want that on my worst enemy because I'm just that kind of dad. I've been thinking about this since the day I cut the umbilical cord and because of that I made a decision early on that I was going to do everything in my power to empower her to handle it herself."

Vin Diesel with his family
Vin Diesel with his family

And what better way to ensure that you have a daughter that nobody would dare mess with by hiring Ronda Rousey to show her how to throw her weight around? Vin beamed with pride about his daughter's skills when he said:

"Because of her 'auntie' Ronda Rousey she is now an orange belt with stripes in Judo. I'm dealing with it early. I'm creating a beast and I want her to be able to say no means no."

For those of you who aren't Judo savvy, I've saved you a Google and figured out that orange belt is third level up the Dan ladder for juniors, which means little Hania is already four belts away from a black belt.

As I'm a serial daydreamer, I've been thinking of the killer moves I would love to see a 7-year-old pull off and below are some things I hope Rousey has been teaching her protege.

1. Learning How to Knock 'Em Dead

2. Realizing That It's Totally Possible to Be Glam Yet Deadly

3. Knowing How to Hold Your Own with the Guys

4. Embracing Your Imperfections

Rousey knows that nobody's perfect and uses her voice to help others embrace their imperfections. Read more about her awesome work HERE.

5. And Most Importantly, Having Fun Doing It!

(Source: Star Pulse via WENN)


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