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The end of the week is near and so it is time to acknowledge another bunch of fantastic new Creators. We loved reading your awesome creations and can't wait to see what other work you will be sharing on Moviepilot. Without further ado, let's have a look at this week's crème de la crème, the top 10 posts by new Creators. Welcome to Moviepilot!

1. Wine of Thrones - Game of Thrones Artwork You Can Actually Toast With!

BY Sanja Janković

New Creator Sanja Janković has managed to combine two things I'm very interested in: art and wine. I, for one, had never considered the artistic values of wine but I am very glad that she has. Her pieces are both creative and incredibly beautiful, and definitely worthy of a spot in this top 10. Be sure to check out her fantastic article and be sure to show her some love in the comments.

2. REVEALED: Ben Affleck's Batman Is the Biggest Plot Twist Since Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker!

BY Rick

Are you ready for a long, intense, mind-blowing piece of writing that'll make you doubt everything you thought you knew about Batman? If the answer is yes then now is the time to click on the link above this wonderful picture of Batfleck and to dive into the unknown. You'd be joining over hundreds of thousands of people who chose to do the same. New Creator Rick has summarized a 15 chapter thesis, revealing the biggest plot twist since we realized Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker.

3. Captain America: Civil War Aftermath, and Why the Fantastic Four Should Be in the Movie

BY James Ewart

Opinions about the latest Fantastic Four are, how shall I put it, divided. This however doesn't mean fans have given up on them just yet, in fact many would even like to see another re-make. New Creator James Ewart believes Fantastic Four should've been handed back to Marvel a long time ago. Check out his article and read all about why this superhero quartet should make an appearance in 'Captain America: Civil War'.

4. 10 Things You Can Do While Waiting for Star Wars Tickets to Go on Sale

BY Erin Lynn O'Connor

Most, if not all, you Star Wars fans will be the proud owner of a ticket to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens by now, but before Monday we were all eagerly waiting for them to go on sale. The pre-sale struggle was real but also worth it. New Moviepilot Creator Erin Lynn O'Connor put together a list that kept us sane during the days leading up to Monday and we want to thank her for it. Even though the wait is finally over, her post is still very much worth checking out.

5. The Understated Role of Antimatter in Interstellar

BY Emma Cox

To most of us 'Interstellar' was simply an awesome blockbuster. It was action-packed, mind-blowing and, let's face it, confusing at times. Its exciting plot is laced with lauded scientific theories but there are still elements of the plot that weren't explained in as much detail as one might have hoped, elements such as its reliance on interstellar propulsion physics. No idea what that means, or does? You are not alone. Luckily Emma Cox is here to enlighten us and to carefully explain what it means, what it does and what role is played in 'Interstellar'.

6. The 10 Best Horror Movie Franchises of All Time

BY Andres Salazar

Horror and Halloween fans can rejoice because the 31st of October is almost upon us. In a week we'll all be dressed up, trick-or-treating and celebrating everything horror. To get us all in the Halloween spirit new MP Creator Andres Salazar has created a top 10 of the best horror movie franchises. Whether you're a big fan or new to the horror genre, we'd encourage you to check out his post and to get your scare on!

7. Crimson Peak is a Beautiful Mess

BY Oscar Pimienta

It's safe to say that any film created by Guillermo del Toro will excite a movie fan and 'Crimson Peak' is no different. Sadly I haven't had a chance to see it yet but following the many positive reviews I've read, it is time that I do. Creator Oscar Pimienta has done a beautiful job of describing the beautiful mess that is 'Crimson Peak'. If you weren't convinced before then you will be now. Be sure to check out his article and don't forget to show him some love in the comments.

8. The Search For Infinity

BY Adam Richards

"So guys where do we stand with the Infinity Stones/Gems?" New Moviepilot Creator Adam Richards poses a valid question at the beginning of his article: where do we stand, what do we know and where do we go from here? All these questions have lead to an abundance of fan theories, and with so many Marvel films due out I doubt we'll be seeing an end to that any time soon. Adam has decided to share is own theory with us all and it is definitely worth a read. Check it out and let him know what you think in the comments section.

9. Why The Bat-Family Needs To See The Big Screen!

BY Gabe Wade

Batman is life, Batman is love. If you agree with that statement then you're most likely going to agree with this article. There is more to the Bat-family than (just) Batman and fans would like to see all of them get the attention they deserve, if possible on the big screen. New Moviepilot Creator Gabe Wade goes through the core members of DC's most beloved family and convincing us that there is a need for the evolution of members of the Bat-family that aren't necessarily Batman.

10. 'The Mortal Instruments': TV or Film?

BY Ceyda Oz

There are many fans of the 'The Mortal Instruments' book series out there who were beyond excited when they heard its first book was going to be adapted into a movie. Unfortunately the film wasn't as successful as everyone had hoped and so the decision to create a television series was met with mix responses. New MP Creator Ceyda Oz has a look at both adaptations whilst discussing which version might be the better one. Be sure to check it out.

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