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Manners do indeed maketh man, and Kingsman has Maketh enough money at the box-office to warrant a sequel, so strap in and prepare for more Spy-jinks, gadgets, and misadventures while following the street-kid turned well-mannered super-spy. Kingsman: the secret service was a surprise breakout-hit in 2015, despite the pre-release skepticism. Now 20th century fox is gearing up for a sequel to film and it was announced a while ago that Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn would return to helm the action-comedy which has now officially entered franchise territory in the eyes of the studio and the fans.

Speculation about the aftermath of the first film and how it will factor into the follow-up movie have already begun with fans developing theories and ideas while patiently waiting for more announcements to flood in. Plot details have not been revealed but there was a bit of information that talked about an american-based Kingsman agency being introduced in the sequel, as well as Kingsman going international. There is also the big question of who is joining the next film. While it's a bit early in the development process to start fan-casting and throwing around names, it wouldn't hurt to examine potential candidates and fan-favorite choices.

New recruits:

After the first film, it became apparent that the Kingsman organization is short-handed and in need of new recruits in order to operate at full capacity. The new film could possibly lead to more young agents and kingsman hopefuls being recruited, and could possibly lead to Eggsy mentoring a new kingsman agent ready to become a knight.

Potential recruit choices are:

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke has been making a splash in hollywood when she isn't playing the "Mother of Dragons" on Game of Thrones. She's still experimenting with her career and is still developing as an actress, but some roles she can play with ease. Terminator Genysis was her first major action film, and despite its mixed reception, it was still a hit at the global box-office. Given her performance in that film, Clarke could be headed for more action-centric roles when she isn't doing dramas. She would fit well into the Kingsman film universe because she has shown that she can play a cunning, smart and able character who can hold her own in a fight or simply be funny or intimidating when she wants to be. This is a pretty obvious pick, but one that should definitely be considered.

Skandar Keynes

Known primarily for his role as Edmund in the Chronicles of Narnia films, Skandar Keynes was the talk of town when the film series that was supposed to make him a household-name ended. Now, he's not doing much and would be available to sign on to a film like this if he was given a call. Skandar showcased his ability to play a conflicted character in the Narnia movies with quite a few layers despite coming off as "whiny" for a good portion of the fantasy epic. Skandar also had to prepare for many of the large scale action sequences, which included sword-fighting. Currently, Skandar isn't in the spotlight at the moment and would probably be available for a role in the next action-packed installment.

Dayo Okeniyi

After starting out as a virtually unknown performer, Dayo Okeniyi got his break out role as the rough-edged older brother of Rue ( sister and fellow tribute) with a heart of gold in the adaptation of the YA novel sensation, The Hunger games. Who can forget how he spared Katniss and let her live long enough to win? Okeniyi managed to standout even though he had very few lines in the actual film itself. Since starring in the Teen-dystopian flick, Okeniyi has went on to make appearances in films such as Terminator Genysis and the Spectacular Now. He recently traded the arena and the Capitol for the badge and gun of a young cop on NBC's breakout police procedural drama Shades of Blue, starring opposite Jennifer lopez and Ray liotta. Okeniyi, however, has not taken a permanent break from film and could pop up anywhere. Kingsman could be his next film-destination if he was given a call.

You'll notice that there's no suggestion of actors for the villain role. Why is that? Well, it's better for the casting of the antagonist to remain a surprise since it adds to the hype when anticipating a sequel to something like Kingsman. There's also the distinct possibility that Matthew Vaughn & CO already have the perfect actor or actress in mind for the next baddie to menace Eggsy and his team.


What do you think of these casting choices? Which actor would you like to appear in the Kingsman sequel? Any guesses on who the next villain could be? Feel free to comment your suggestions below.


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