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It's exactly one month until The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar premieres, which marks the official return of Kiara. I'm excited for this film, not only for Kiara and The Outlands, but because I've wanted a new Lion King for such a long time. I still remember being a little girl and getting excited for The Lion King 1 1\2, and I loved that movie dearly. Kion and his friends seem like great characters, and even though undoubtedly Kiara will be my favorite character, my favorite Guard member so far is Bunga.

However, there are two things happening leading up to The Lion Guard's premiere.

November 3rd

This book is based on the upcoming film, and is described as being beautifully illustrated. Given that it's based on the movie, we might get to see Kiara. Perhaps she'll be shown in the stampede like the trailer:

November 18th

In Toronto, Canada, The Lion Guard will be discussed at the 2015 Child, Youth & Media Conference. It's an hour long from 2:15 to 3:15. While it's not clear what will be discussed, there could be reports after the conference.

For now it's a waiting game for The Lion Guard, but don't worry, time will pass quickly, and soon we will see Kion roaring proudly, Kiara learning to be queen, and a brand new era of The Lion King beginning.


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