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Just admit it, vampires are incredibly scary. They have long fangs used to pierce your skin, they suck blood, and they don't like garlic (that's probably the scariest part, as garlic is crazy delicious).

But a little vampire would just be pretty damn cute, and probably not frightening at all.

In The Little Vampire, Tony Thompson (played by Jonathan Lipnicki) befriends a young vampire named Rudolph Sackville-Bagg to help terminate the curse set on Rudolph and his vampire clan and keep vampire hunter Rookery at bay in the meanwhile.

In honor of Lipnicki's birthday, we have included 5 secrets he revealed when he spoke with MTV News nearly 15 years after the film's release.

1. Lipnicki had to learn how to whistle on set

I didn’t know how to whistle. I worked on it really hard and then they ended up using this weird sound effect anyway. It made it sound so much louder… I think it was dubbed with the original or put through a filter.

2. He accidentally hyper-extended his neck during a flying scene

I like hyperextended… my neck at the time, and we had to take a few weeks off filming… And so that was not fun, but other than that, the flying was fun, doing that type of stuff.

3. The movie was filmed in Germany, even though the movie is set in Scotland

The shooting took four and a half months, which sounds like a wonderful amount of time to explore a bit of Europe!

4. Fellow actor Richard E. Grant was doing some weird yet hilarious things in his costume

I remember Richard E. Grant was wearing these leather vampire pants and he kept trying to light his farts… And that’s one of the things that I really remember because I thought it was hilarious.

5. Lipnicki was able to keep a cool souvenir from set

I have pieces of wardrobe that… a make-up buddy made for me. It was like she made a picture frame out of pieces of the wardrobe and put pictures inside the picture frame of like filming and a bunch of different pictures from production.

Happy birthday Jonathan! Be sure to check out his more recent work in Loserville and Limelight. He is also working on his own production, but he's keeping that under wraps for how.

[Source: MTV News]


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