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I thought we were past the days of assuming a friendship between a man and woman means the two are probably screwing, but progress seems to be working slowly.

During The Howard Stern Show yesterday, Bradley Cooper was asked about his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, as the pair have worked on four films together. Cooper quickly explained all was platonic.

When questioned about whether the two would ever sleep together, Bradley Cooper immediately answered:


When asked if the 15-year age gap had anything to do with it, Bradley explained that they really are just good friends.

Bradley was also questioned about his relationship with Amy Schumer. During her recent Saturday Night Live monologue, Amy had jokingly announced that the two might be dating.

I don't know how Hollywood works, but I'm pretty sure that I'm dating Bradley Cooper.

Cooper explained that the first time the two met, Schumer had been yelling his name across the carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, and Bradley didn't recognize who was calling out for him.

The next time the two had run into each other, it was during the Time 100 event. Cooper intended on making up for his bad first impression, but all went downhill. He admittedly felt like he just became more awkward and almost creepy.

While hanging out at the Time 100 Gala, Cooper would ask her to stay any time she got up to leave and mingle with others.

In my opinion, he more than made up for their last encounter, even if he didn't think so.

Bradley Cooper, you are more than welcome to act awkward and creepy around me any day. And don't worry: you won't have to ask me to stay. Why would I ever leave the same room you're in?

I'm not crazy!

[Source: People]


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