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On Wednesday this week, at Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas in Westlake, California, the entire Kardashian-Jenner family are sat pregnant (including their 59-year-old mother Kris Jenner) for a screening of Steve Jobs, brewing an army of new Kardashian-Jenners to take over all media outlets in generations to come.

Before everyone loses their minds and the Kardashian-Jenners cause the internet to break once again, the world's most successful reality TV family are not all actually pregnant, except for their most famous sibling Kim Kardashian, of course. They are just dressed up as their 'best pregnant Kim' look for the reality TV star's surprise 35th birthday party, arranged by husband Kanye West.

Kanye who is often known for being a self-involved kind of guy may have just redeemed himself by doing something really sweet for his heavily pregnant wife -- throwing her a surprise birthday party at the movies and inviting her entire family!

A confused Kim has no idea what cool Kanye is up to
A confused Kim has no idea what cool Kanye is up to

Being a Kanye West production, this did not entail a quick evening out at the local movie theatre. Instead, this was a grandiose affair with the entire Kardashian-Jenner family present including Caitlyn Jenner (who we are sure looked fantastic bearing a pregnancy bump -- pictures, anyone?) and Kylie's rapper boyfriend Tyga.

All birthday gifts for the soon-to-be-mother-of-two had to be wrapped in black and white and all guests had to adhere to the pregnancy-themed dress code. Fake pregnancy bumps were given to each guest at the door.

The 'College Dropout' star could not have done any better for himself as Kim was completely thrilled by her husband's secret birthday plans.

The reality TV star took to Instagram to share a picture of the gorgeously ornate birthday cake that included the message 'Happy Pregnant Birthday Kim'.

The photo was accompanied by the following message:

My husband never ceases the amaze me! He rented out the entire movie theater to screen the new Steve Jobs (It's sooooo good BTW) and had all of my family & close friends come dressed up as their best pregnant Kim look (fake baby bumps provided on arrival!) Not sure if that was to make me feel less huge or just a fun cool theme but I loved it & had the best time ever, feeling so very comfortable eating churros with a bunch of pregnant women! Just what I needed, the perfect chill yummy food birthday!!!!

We love how Kim uses the word 'chill' to describe a birthday where the movie theatre is cladded with A-lister celebrities dressed as pregnant women eating Mexican food. Just a regular day for the most successful reality TV star ever, I guess.

Kim's sister Kourtney also weighed in on social media to share a cute message:

"I wasn't expecting to look this way again quite yet, but Happy Pregnant Birthday @kimkardashian,"

The Kardashian-Jenner family seem to have a great relationship with one another.


Do you think Kanye did well with his surprise birthday theme for Kim?



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