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Yup, we're all about Back to the Future, again. The hype has officially reached fever pitch levels and the video game industry is certainly no stranger to the hype. October 21st, 2015 is no ordinary day, as it is officially recognized as Back to the Future day.

October 21st, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II. Marty shoots into 2015 in order to save his kids who are yet to be born in the original Back to the Future movie, set in 1985.

But that makes it... Great Scott! Back to the Future is now a movie about the past!

Okay, so we didn't get hoverboards or cars that run on garbage but we did get GTA 5. A tossup between a hoverboard and Grand Theft Auto is a tough one, but GTA clinches it for me.

Yes, even in Los Santos, Back to the Future day is a big deal. With the whole world going crazy for Marty and the Doc, it was almost inevitable that a GTA parody would soon be blasting its way across the Internet.

That Scene

What we got here is a recreation of the iconic parking lot scene - where Marty, Doc and Einstein make their mark in history as the world's first time travelers.

Check out that video camera... FYI, don't try this at home - it's never a good idea to stand in front of a car, driven by a dog, that's been heading directly towards you at 88mph. What if the experiment failed, Doc?

That Scene in the World of GTA 5

A shot-for-shot masterpiece! Sit back and enjoy your trip into the future—which is now actually the —via a video game.

This beauty comes to us from the creative minds over at 'GTA Series Videos' on YouTube. This was all made via the GTA 5 editor.

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