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Feminist issues are the hot topic these days, with Emma Watson's 'HeForShe' growing in popularity, and stars such as Bradley Cooper voicing their support for Jennifer Lawrence's issues with the Hollywood wage gap.

It seems no one is immune to discrimination, as even Zendaya has admitted to discovering the manipulation of her image without her consent, something which she really didn't seem to appreciate.

After the final product from a recent photoshoot was released, she discovered that her hips and torso were "quite manipulated." Yes, the photos were largely edited despite her only being nineteen and looking fantastic.

If you compare the photoshopped image on the left to the original on the right it's clear how it was altered, presumably to make it more "appealing."

Zendaya's reaction to the situation was perfect; she's confident and happy with how she looks. She doesn't feel that her hips or waist need to be thinner -- she's proud of how she looks, and she stands for "pure self love."

"So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it."

Zendaya, the singer, actress, dancer and model, really should be commended for her response to this situation. Other celebrities simply wouldn't have brought the incident to the attention of the media, with the risk of having their figure scrutinised. But to get ahead of a situation is to control it, and Zendaya took the manipulation of her image for what it was -- unnecessary.

It's apparent that issues surrounding image are becoming ever-more exposed in todays society. With people like Zendaya exposing manipulated photos, it's ever more likely that we'll progress to a point where we have a much more realistic image of beauty.

"These are the things that make women self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have."

Zendaya's openness surrounding her manipulated image is a breath of fresh air in an image-obsessed society where we are all forced to adhere to an unrealistic and unobtainable standard of beauty.

It's great to see prominent celebrities revealing cultural issues such as gender exploitation and manipulation. With figures commonly in the public eye beginning to comment on important social issues, perhaps society is really is really taking a progressive turn.

Unrealistic ideas of beauty and image are just that -- unrealistic! So relax and enjoy as society gets just a little bit better.

So what's your opinion on image? Do we have a problem as a society?

(Source: Stylenews.)


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