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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 2 and comic series ahead! Proceed with more caution than a tortoise crossing the road.

When Rick and the group joined Alexandria in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, many new characters were introduced. While most characters seemed to fit in with the community of Alexandria, young resident Enid always had an air of mystery about her.

In Sunday's episode, "JSS," audiences got a glimpse into Enid's backstory and saw that though she was young, Enid was a fighter and survivor, doing what she could to "Just Survive Somehow." Despite Enid leaving Alexandria at the end of the episode, the fact we saw Enid's backstory at the beginning of the episode indicates this isn't the last we've seen of Carl's love interest, and we should definitely expect a reappearance from her in future episodes. But will this be a good sign—is Enid as innocent as she looks, or is she more sinister? These are all things we're yet to find out, but in the meantime take a look at the top 3 theories about who Enid might really be:

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Could Enid be a possible spy for the Wolves, and have alerted them to the fact that Alexandria was basically unguarded and ripe for the taking? The spy theory has been floating around since Season 5, episode 12 when we were first introduced to Enid, and frequently saw her popping outside the gates of Alexandria—after all, who would suspect a child of being a spy? More supporting evidence came when it turned out that a comic book Carl found, which had 'Wolf Fight' written on the back, belonged to Enid.

Carl with the comic in Season 5, episode 12
Carl with the comic in Season 5, episode 12

In Sunday's episode 2, this theory was explored further when there was a number of puzzling moments involving Enid. Firstly she used a set of master keys to open the Grimes' house explaining she "didn't want them to have them," though she didn't bother to explain how she got them, or even clarify who "them" might be. Following the key exchange, Carl and Enid had the following discussion:

Carl: Did you see 'em?
Enid: They're just people. This place is too big to protect, there are too many blindspots, that's how we were able to —

Unfortunately at that point Carl cut Enid off, and we never heard what "we" were able to do. Could she have been she referring to the Wolves, and about to say "that's how we were able to get into Alexandria," or did "we" perhaps refer to her and Carl, and she meant to say, "that's how we were able to get outside the walls so easily?"

Have the writers of The Walking Dead been showing us that Enid is working with the Wolves since Season 5, or is it possible that she's simply a red herring?

Hilltop mole

Thanks John:Our eye in the sky has a new photo of the Hilltop location as of today! Definitely looks 'filming ready'.

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

This is where things might get a little confusing for non-comic book readers, but I have faith in you to keep up! In the comic series, a community called Hilltop Colony is introduced in issue 94. Hilltop is another walled community, much like Alexandria, of around 200 survivors. The thing about Hilltop is that, thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook group, we know it will be introduced in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, probably in the second half of the season.

If Enid isn't working for the Wolves, it's possible that instead, she's working for Hilltop, trying to gather information about whether or not Alexandria is a threat?Kind of like how Aaron and Eric follow people, and decide whether or not to invite them back to Alexandria.

Source: ET Online
Source: ET Online

While this theory would be great, unfortunately, this is probably the weakest of the three about Enid. This is simply because the TV series often stays true to the source material, and in the comic series, Alexandria residents become aware of Hilltop after meeting a man named Paul "Jesus" Monroe. Thanks to ET Online, we know that Jesus will be introduced to the show in Season 6, and with that in mind it seems like perhaps the show will stick with how the comic series introduced Hilltop, rather than have this child spy. Though, as with anything Walking Dead-related, you never know!

Poor, emotionally destroyed orphan

The third theory about Enid is rather a sad one: could she just be a really messed up kid, unsure of where she belongs in this new, brutal world?

After witnessing her parents being torn apart in front of her, Enid fought to "just survive somehow," having to learn to kill walkers, taking shelter where she could, and eating whatever came across her path (RIP tortoise). When she finally reached Alexandria she actually hesitated to go inside (much like Rick did), as she was so used to this harsh new world, and reluctant to believe that happiness could be anything more than short-lived.

Is the reason Enid left Alexandria simply because she knew the end was coming for the community, and in leaving she was once again choosing to just surviving, somehow?

What do YOU think about Enid?

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