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The Last Witch Hunter wasn't meant to be an Oscar winning behemoth that collected critical acclaim. The Last Witch Hunter was made so that Vin Diesel could play an immortal witch hunter who beats up evil people and saves the day.

I had a lot of fun watching the film because it features an original idea and you can tell Diesel absolutely loved being in it. Original stories are rare and I appreciate that Vin and crew have given us a new world to explore.

The following post highlights five things I loved about the film.

1. Vin Diesel's Viking beard

The opening of The Last Witch Hunter features a bearded Vin and a crew of brave souls preparing to battle an evil witch queen. Throughout the carnage you begin to appreciate Vin's beard. They could've phoned it in and strapped a terrible beard on his face and called it a day. However, the beard takes on a life of its own and I think it is the reason he survived the ordeal.

Good beard vs. Evil beard
Good beard vs. Evil beard

2. Vin Diesel's character Kaulder is based off a witch hunting character he used when playing Dungeon and Dragons

Vin is a big time gamer and the movie wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his experience with Dungeons and Dragons. Vin had a character named Melkor who was a witch hunter and he wanted to make a movie about that character. He also played D&D with the Nerdist crew, and it was glorious.

3. It plays like Highlander met Constantine then teamed-up with Blade

I love all three of those movies and The Last Witch Hunter plays like a perfect mixture of them. There is a certain allure to watching an immortal travel the world in order to rough up evil witches. Vin Diesel never takes the role too seriously and the movie is a lot of fun because of that. I guarantee this is the only movie you will ever watch where a witch hunter is equal parts James Bond and John Constantine.

4. It creates a new cinematic world

That tree is a total jerk.
That tree is a total jerk.

I love when filmmakers create something different. The cinematic world is full of sequels, remakes and prequels so when we get something different it should be appreciated even if it has a lot of bumps and bruises.

Director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) does a fine job juggling witch bureaucracys, secret sects and a whole lot of plot. In the 100-minute movie he manages to take a loaded script and create a three dimensional world that is packed with interesting stories. I also appreciated how the ending leaves the door open for more awesome stories involving Vin punching witches. Because that's awesome.

5. The villain is believably evil and threatening

You do not mess with the witch queen. She hates humans and has zero problems killing them. I love how Kaulder is tied with her. It will make for some interesting problems down the line.

Very often in movies we have to watch as some supposedly all-powerful being is brought down easily. This isn't the case in The Last Witch Hunter and I appreciate the attempt at giving us a memorable villain.

The Last Witch Hunter ain't Shakespeare but it is an entertaining film that creates a new world and gives us something different. I appreciate that wholeheartedly.


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