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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

I have long been a fan of Doctor Who. Though I have to say recently I have gotten out of watching it and I have never watched the classic’s so I am going to start at the very beginning and review each episode in order.

Here we go.

Old Pilot, An Unearthly Child, Season One, Old Episode One (BIG SPOILER REVIEW)

First before I watched it I knew I had to keep in mind when this was filmed as obviously a lot has changed since here and now, so I wouldn’t expect it all to be top class. First thing I noticed was the camera seemed very shaky in places, a little to shaky for my taste, and the music and acting seemed a little over exaggerated but apart from that I was pleasantly surprised. I have not watched very many black and white productions and I thought I might have problem with it not being in color but found out I quite enjoyed it that way and it just seemed right somehow and didn’t set me of it at all and in-fact brought me in more.

The first shots ever are of a policemen, near a what I learnt later on was a junk yard which the doctor had randomly (I guess) decided to land there. I guess it was meant to be secretive place but if I’m flying a space and time spaceship and I want somewhere to live secretively for the months and I think, I know! Junk Yard! I’ll let you know (Unless the Tardis decided to land there without the Doctors control, as she ofton does) But despite my confusion the first scene is interesting and gets you wanting to know what happens next, also seems somehow mysterious.

Next we meet Barbra Writes, a history teacher I assume and Ian Chesterton a Science teacher, both worried about one of their students Susan Foreman, who seems to be a very strange child. As never watching or even researching Doctor Who classic’s before I was a little shocked at Susan Foreman’s age, 15 years old apparently, though she defiantly didn’t look like a young teen, but a young women, however I loved the oddness Carole Ann Ford could give to her role, she just had this inhumanas about her, the way she moves sometimes I think, I hope that carries on.

Barbra and Ian I assume are the companions that we will be following, though I think Susan is a companion to? I’m not sure, as when she called The Doctor Grandfather I assumed she was a timelord but then she said she’d come from the 41st century, so…she’s a future human then? But if she in why is she calling the Doctor grandfather? Unless the Doctors daughter had her in the 41st century? Actually that makes more sense ignore me, but is she is a timelord I hope we meet her mother and the Doctors daughter at some point.

Anyway Barbra and Ian decide that caring teachers they are, they will follow her, totally not stalkerish at all. Ian, the no nonsense one and someone I thought wouldn’t recognize an alien if it danced naked in front of him (I was right) However was honest to admit he wanted to saint his curiosity about Susan. While Barbra was playing the caring teacher card, give over Barbra we know you’re just as curious as he is and you are being a busybody, stop pretending you’re not. They wait in the car for her, not looking like suspicious at all…

While their waiting they have a good old natter about Susan’s oddness. One of which I laughed to myself as they talked about how odd it was she didn’t know how many shillings to a pound, I don’t know how many shillings to a pound, is that bad? Should I know that from history? But its really nice to hear things like that, just sets the mood more in what time the show was filmed and when the show was set. I just really like differences like that in shows that were filmed in a different time, it makes me smile.

Something I have to note is how sensitive Susan seems to me when they showed her in flashbacks, she seemed really, really upset at having gotten those answers wrong, she’s either used to being right a lot, or she literally has no tact and its there to highlight her oddness, I’m kind of hoping for the first one because that’ll give her personality more stuffing but I think its likely going to be the second as they are talking about how odd she is.

I’ll take the time to add both teachers are seriously not subtle in their stalking ways, its obvious their waiting for her, its either the way it was filmed or the teachers are a little daft to not think that Susan could not see them there, the car is right in front of the entrance! Susan, Susan, Susan! There is a car right in front of the entrance to the Junk Yard with two people staring at you as you walk in, you don’t find that highly suspicious? Ian, Barbra you really need to work on this, if you’re both trying to follow a alien at some point then its obvious they’ll catch you.

Barbra Writes words “As if we’re about to interfere something best left alone” Couldn’t be more true, unless they end up saving the Doctor on multiple occasions then “they probably should have left it alone” Is wrong and they can pick at it until it explodes. Both of the teachers enter the dump and find a number of random creepy things lying around, especially that doll. I used to love dolls as a kid but now whenever I see a doll on screen it needs to get away from me! Especially if it has half of its face missing!

They find the Tardis and Ian can feel it vibrating, and somehow that means it alive? Though interesting as I’ve never remembered one of the new doctors saying it vibrates, I never knew that so… cool. Anyway they both hide as the Doctor arrives, hell yeah!

He has a lot more energy that I thought he’d have and seems very interesting at first look. The teachers decide to confront him once they hear Susan’s voice inside the police box that the Doctor tries to cover but very epically fails at and makes himself look and does look highly shady person, especially how he keeps on looking around so much, sure it works at making him look mysterious but also works at making look like a right nutter and a little creepy, also very odd, like Susan, hey maybe they are really relates after all, both are wonderful oddballs.

They force there way in after hearing her voice again. And to their shock, they are now in the Tardis, the spaceship that looks bigger on the inside, welcoming the lovely round decoration. Like the Doctors in the future, I also have no idea what the round things are supposed to be but there you go. The Doctor unless his in a huff, usaully welcomes new companions and goes out of his way to find them, this Doctor however doesn’t have them at its refreshing to see him try and turn them away instantly, probably not used to companions apart from his grandaughter, his own species (I think)

The Doctors I have come to know love humans, sometimes they’ll insult them from time to time but love having one around, even if they act like they don’t (Looking at you Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, yeah, I have no idea whether your the 12th, 13th or 14th, got mixed up with that a long while ago, thank you for that Matt Smith’s Doctor) Anyway it was really interesting to see how he behaved around and how he wanted them gone.

I’ll also have time to say, WOW? It was Susan who made up what the Tardis meant? Sweet! As you can tell I’m really exited about this. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. She looked proud as she told them, I would be proud to Susan! You go girl!

Mr no nonsense doesn’t believe them right until he tries to get out and the doctor shocks him with the Tardis somehow then their on the movie, ha suck on that one Ian! Can’t wait to see his face in the next episode. Barbra Write starts to believe it all by the end, now heres where it gets even more interesting, the Doctor thinking his secret will be revealed if they run or something will change in time because they can’t know about him, something like that and basically locks them inside. The more sensitive side of Susan shows again as she begs the Doctor to let them go, I wonder if this is where the Doctors passion for saving humans and being interested in us as a race comes from, maybe she is the reason he starts to like humans, unless he does but isn’t showing it at the moment.

In a struggle by basically Ian to be let out The Doctor controls the Tardis to escape into another time or somewhere in space. So basically his kidnapped two teachers, huh, never heard something like that happening before. Mind you he has kidnapped quite a few people in the future, mostly for their own good though. One time by accident (DONNA COME BACK. I LOVE YOU) Cough, anyway….

Doctor Who leaves us on some sort of desert or rocky surroundings, maybe another planet? With a sinister shadow of a person in front as the credits roll by, though seriously love the interesting swirls on screen as they time/space travel, very cool effect and feels also slightly hypnotic, you will watch more classic doctor who’s, you will watch more classic doctor who’s, you will- yeah yeah, you get the picture. But funnily enough that’s exactly what I will be doing.

Doctor Who: Little creepy, little odd, little mysterious and just has this look in his eyes that he knows more than you on everything and irritating it may be, he is usually right. Also just have the feeling to take his advice on everything. Also seems to know what his doing more than the other Doctors, who seem to have more fun making it up as they go along and have a tendency to admit that in dangerous situations. This doctor looks like he knows what his doing, unlike others who seem to have fun turning up in dangerous situations with no plans (looking darkly in the Matt Smith’s Doctors direction/though admittedly very funny watching that happen)

Barbra White: Kind hearted but maybe a little dishonest? Though I find her character more likeable than Ian’s and will be interested to learn more about her.

Ian Chesterton: To formal for my taste but his okay, but not looking forward as much to knowing him more and don’t really care for him as much as the other characters.

Susan Foreman: Great, love how different she is, she actaully gives of more of a Alien feel that the Doctor, even though she seems to show much more humanity, seems quite emotional at times, she cares for Ian and Barbra and earth a great deal and generally really like her character.

Favorite Character- Susan.

Favorite Scene- First meeting Susan while she listens to some music, her movements to the music are so odd and inhuman and I seriously like that about her character.

And that is it for now, I may look at the other pilot and compare them or go on to the next episode, I haven’t decided yet, until next time! xxxxxxxxxx


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