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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Now that Marvel Studios is heading into saucier waters with their very first sex scene in Netflix's Jessica Jones, reading that news made me feel a bit bad for the MCU's team of super people. Don't you?

I mean, you save the world on countless occasions and instead of getting some well earned TLC, they get nothing but shawarma, PTSD, dead best friends that resurrect as evil assassins and love interests that disappear out of their lives on stolen quinjets. Now that's some cold s**t.

That's why I reckon if the world renowned dating app Tinder was a presence within the MCU, the Avengers would definitely be flaunting their muscular, meta-human humps on there. Probably to high regard.

But if they were, would their profiles coerce you to swipe right?

1. Captain America

2. Spider-Man

3. Iron Man

4. Thor

5. Hulk

6. Scarlet Witch

7. Hawkeye

8. The Vision

9. Bruce Banner

10. Black Widow

11. War Machine

12. Falcon

Which Avenger would you swipe right on?


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