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In this weeks episode of Rebel, the clone troopers prepare for an encounter with the empire.

Agent Kallus knows that Ezra and Kanon are with Rex and the other clone troopers and comes down to the planet with AT-ATs. A sand storm occurs and they use that opportunity to hide and confuse the empire so they can buy time to escape.

Ezra uses the force to take down the AT-AT with the force and they use that opening to escape from the sand storm and empire. Because of the empire interfering Ezra and Kanon and forced to leave REX and the other troopers to take on Agent Kallus alone.

Rex try to take on the AT-ATs but they unfortunate just aren't strong enough to take him on and that's when Kanon decided to go back and help them. They steal an AT-AT and use it to shoot the other to take down the empire group. Agent Kallus ends up escaping and Rex and his team end up surviving.

Near the end of the episode we are introduced to a brand new inquisitor, with no real context or reason why he shows up but I have a feeling he will be a new threat the group will have to worry about.

Asoka and Rex reunite with each other and the clone troopers now join the Rebels in fighting the empire.

This has a been a very solid start to rebels so far, everything is really feeling like Star Wars which is good, and the incorporation of the Clone Wars characters are enhancing the story. If they can keep it up with this kind of quality this could end up being one of the best seasons of any Stars Wars show ever!

I already can't wait for next weeks episode and to know a bit more about that new Inquisitor that shows up toward the end.



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