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Don't punk me CW. I don't want to see Ashton Kutcher pop out and tell me that I just got Punk'd -- and if you don't get that reference I'm sorry that you weren't a part of my generation... but that's a moot point.

The CW's The Flash is slowly introducing us the the reality of the 52 dimensional breach caused by the singularity created at the end of the first season. This dimensional breach has given us several villains from Earth 2 crossing paths with our beloved scarlet speedster, Barry Allen. We've also see the Flash of Earth 2, Jay Garrick, show up to help Barry as well as act as a mentor of sorts, since he's been at full speed for much longer than Barry.

But, thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, we're left to wonder if we will see a certain assumed dead character return to the Flash universe. Yesterday Robbie Amell, who you may remember as Firestorm from Season 1, posted the below image of him standing next to the new Firestorm, Jax Jackson.

If you remember, in the last couple of episodes we've seen a return to prominence for Dr. Martin Stein, who now apparently bursts into blue flames without Ronnie Raymond (Amell) as his other flame-y counterpart, Firestorm. Jax Jackson is set to take over the Firestorm character as the Dr.'s other half, and as much as I love his casting, Robbie's comments with he picture have me wondering...

Firestorm is in great hands. But I'll be back.

The question becomes, how will Robbie Amell return to The Flash? A simple solution would be in flashback-esque scenes with Caitlin or Barry, but I have a different theory entirely.


Ronnie Raymond didn't die when he flew into the singularity.

Boom! There it is, that's the theory and here's my reasoning.

We are led to assume that by flying into the singularity, Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond, died in an effort to save Central City and ultimately sacrificed himself while Dr. Stein survived. But what if, by flying into the singularity, Ronnie was somehow split from Dr. Stein and Ronnie was shifted into a different dimension through the singularity?

We already know that there are more alternate universes besides Barry's Earth and Jay Garrick's Earth, so who is to say that Ronnie wasn't sent to Earth 3. (which would be an incredible universe to add, seeing as it's ruled by the crime syndicate -- potential villains for end of Season 2 and into Season 3).

Being sent across universes would explain Robbie Amell's comment about being back, as well as giving a possible answer for Dr. Stein's blue flame bursts. If Ronnie truly is alive and in a different universe, then the blue flames could be a byproduct of their separation. Could Ronnie have full control over his powers and whenever he uses them that is when the blue flames spark up for Dr. Stein?

It's at least something to ponder. Regardless, it seems as though we are set to see Ronnie Raymond again, whether it's as a part of my theory or just another Ronnie Raymond from Earth 2 minus the Firestorm powers. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Adding to this theory as pointed out by a friend as well as a previous comment on this article: Caitlin Snow's transformation into Killer Frost will add some unique twists to the dynamics of both characters as they interact with each other only adding to my belief that Ronnie will in fact return as the Ronnie we remember with flaming potential.


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