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The [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) trailer 3 has finally been released, and with it have come a huge influx of new theories, hints, and speculations. The trailer was fantastic: exciting and packed full of nostalgia appeal, the trailer revealed tiny snippets of information that raised more questions than they answered.

Star Wars 7 boasts an impressive ensemble cast, but there has been one character that has featured prominently in all the marketing since the film's announcement: the mysterious scavenger Rey. Trailer 3 begins with Rey on Jakku, as she explores the carcass of a Star Destroyer. Then Maz Kanata asks the question on everyone's minds...

Maz: "Who are you?"
Rey: "I'm no-one."

Finn also features heavily in the trailer, but the impression seems to be that Rey has the starring role, driving the plot and standing out as the main protagonist of Star Wars 7. But what does this mean for the wider story? And how is she connected to Luke Skywalker?

Mysterious Origins

The characters of original Star Wars films are pretty clear cut: though Luke and Leia's parentage is the biggest twist of the story, the characters themselves don't have mysterious backstories. Luke is just a starry eyed kid, Leia is the fearless rebel leader, and Han Solo... ok, Han is pretty enigmatic, but his backstory isn't crucial to the plot (and will be revealed soon in the solo Solo film).

The Force Awakens, however, seems to hinge on backstories. Who is Kylo Ren? How did he join the Knights of Ren? Who is Finn? Why is he defecting from The First Order? And so on. Rey herself is reluctant to discuss her past: her statement "I'm no-one" clearly hints at a tragic event in her history that has lead her to conceal her identity (is Rey even her original name?).

So what do we know about Rey so far? Nothing. That's kind of the point, which is great. But we've had plenty of hints, symbolic and otherwise, that tie her not only to Luke Skywalker but also Kylo Ren. And there could be a major twist coming for the simple scavenger...

The New Luke Skywalker

The parallels between Rey and Luke are really stacking up. Both of them begin the story on quiet desert planets, though while Luke is dreaming of a life beyond the stars, Rey seems content to hide herself away. This parallel has already lead many fans to believe Rey will mirror Luke's journey in The Force Awakens, which you can see reflected in this homage...

Homage to A New Hope
Homage to A New Hope

Of course, Rey might also have a familial connection to the Skywalker family: since the film's announcement, many people believed that one of the new characters would be a descendent of the Skywalker/Solos. This speculation was only exacerbated by producer Kathleen Kennedy, who confirmed that Star Wars 7 was the continuation of a "generational story". As a mysterious scavenger with a hidden backstory, Rey seems perfect for this role. And let's not forget Maz Kanata seems to talk to Rey about being Force Sensitive in the new trailer.

"The Force, it's calling to you... just let it in."

All of this does seem to connect Rey to Luke Skywalker, and perhaps on more than a symbolic level. This would definitely have implications for her storyline, and as we analyse more of what we know, Rey's connection Kylo Ren becomes apparent, as does the possibility for her to turn to the Dark Side...

Coersion & Redemption

Purely from the poster alone, we can see Rey aligned with Kylo Ren. She stands at the centre of the image, eyecatching and dynamic, but she is also facing the same way as the villain. It's possible this is just an aesthetic choice (the poster is beautifully put together), but there is an implication that she will at least be tempted by Kylo Ren, if not persuaded to join his side.

Early concept art of Rey and Kylo Ren
Early concept art of Rey and Kylo Ren

While all we know of Kylo Ren seems to dispell this assumption (he's proud and obsessive, and dedicated to the exclusive Knights Of Ren), some of his dialogue from the film was recently released, giving hints that he may have a personal investment in Rey's storyline...

"Is it true, you're just a scavenger?"

This is clearly addressed to Rey, and io9 noted a tone of disappointment in his voice. While this doesn't reveal much, the possibilities are endless. Does Kylo Ren think Rey is something else? Could she be something more than a scavenger because she's Force Sensitive? Does he already know who she is, but she doesn't (amnesia, perhaps)? The questions go on and on but crucially, these lines from Kylo Ren imply that he is persuading someone to join him. And that someone is probably Rey.

"Don’t fight it, you know you can’t."
"Together we will destroy the Resistance and the last Jedi."
"Don't be afraid."

It's already been hinted that Kylo Ren may have a redemption arc, going from villain to hero in his plotline. But could the reverse be true for Rey?

Following Luke's Path

And here's where the symbolic connection to Luke Skywalker could become invaluable to the story's progression.

Rey may struggle with morality
Rey may struggle with morality

In multiple interviews with the cast and creative team of the original Star Wars trilogy, the alternate ending to Return Of The Jedi has been mentioned. This would have featured Luke Skywalker agreeing to follow Darth Vader. Though the plot was discarded, Mark Hamill himself was a huge fan of the idea, and has been pushing for Luke to turn bad in Star Wars 7. But what if it's not Luke to follow this path, but Rey? We've already got plenty of parallels between the characters, and Rey seems like a self-sufficient person with morally ambiguous tendencies.

Of course, The Force Awakens has been slated to challenge the clear lines between good and evil, light and dark, especially with characters like Finn. It's likely that there won't be such a clear hero/villain divide, and redemption arcs are probable, as are betrayals. What role Rey will play in this remains to be seen, but if the implications are to be believed, they paint the picture of an enigmatic scavenger, whose story make take some very dark turns...

(And if we get a father-daughter Dark Jedi duo in Luke and Rey, how awesome would that be?)

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