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Star Wars 7 is drawing ever closer, and the third trailer has only added fuel to the fire of fierce speculation. There are plenty of mysteries surrounding [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), with each character having mysterious backstories and the situation in the galaxy still unclear. But if you know where to look, there are plenty of clues in the trailer and even the poster, that reveal crucial plot points from Star Wars 7!

[Note: there might be spoilers lurking in this article, so continue at your own risk!]

1: Starkiller Base

Anyone who's been following the Star Wars 7 developments closely in the last few months already knows of the existence of the Starkiller Base. But just in case you missed the memo, here's the deal: this base is The First Order's new superweapon, more powerful even than the Death Star itself as it can destroy entire star systems. Which is a pretty good replacement for the Empire's greatest weapon. So that's what's lurking on the right side of the poster, but did you spot the Starkiller Base in the trailer?

Starkiller base + weapons trench
Starkiller base + weapons trench

But this is an ice planet, right? Well, the official Star Wars databank gives us some more info on the ominous new Starkiller Base...

"An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems."

That's no moon.... that's an entire planet converted into a weapon! Which is pretty badass. But the appearance of the Starkiller Base on the poster implies that maybe the planet's icy surface will eventually drop away to show the base proper... or maybe the base on the poster is another terrifying superweapon that has yet to be revealed.

(Also, a trench? Really? Come on First Order, learn from the Empire's mistakes.)

2: Chewie's Death

This is the potentially spoilery part, though I really hope it's just speculation. Rey is shown crying in the trailer, just before a shot of Chewie, Han, and Finn together. But who is she crying over? Those beady eyed fans spotted similarities between this shot and Chewbacca's bandoleer...

Could Chewie die in Star Wars 7?
Could Chewie die in Star Wars 7?

Of course, this might just be drawing false conclusions. The evidence isn't exactly overwhelming. But killing Chewie would make a lot of sense: he's a beloved character who doesn't have a big enough role in the plot for his death to have huge consequences, though it would pack an emotional punch and ensure audiences know the stakes are high. And the fact that fans (including myself) are already tearing up at this prospect just means it's a good, heartwrenching twist.

3: Boba Fett In Force Awakens?

Fan favourite Boba Fett has already been rumoured to appear in Star Wars 7, thanks to hints hidden in the lead-in book Star Wars: Aftermath. Fett's iconic armour was found on Tattoine by scavengers, after he was supposedly consumed by the Sarlac Pit. Fans have long theorised that Boba Fett's armour would protect him, so it's definitely possible that the notorious bounty hunter could appear in Star Wars 7 (though Rogue One and the Han Solo solo film are more likely to feature Boba Fett). And could this hint from the trailer be another clue to Fett's appearance?

Mandalorian clues in trailer 3!
Mandalorian clues in trailer 3!

Check out that grey flag at the centre. Is that the Mandalorian logo in white? If so, this might just be an Easter egg for dedicated fans: Boba Fett hails from the Mandalorian people, a nomadic and mercenary culture. Maybe this location that Han and Finn are entering is actually a Mandalorian base? Of course, this building could well be Maz Kanata's castle (and she probably has Mandalorian patrons)...

4: The Destruction Of Maz Kanata's Castle

First described as a pub, Maz Kanata's castle is her own haven of scum and villainy. A few pictures of the patrons of this establishment were previously released, and it's long been rumoured that the heroes would stop off at Kanata's base for some advice, as she's an old friend of Han. But it seems that the heroes' visit was short lived, and they may have brought destruction to this haven.

There seems to be a dogfight between X-Wings and TIE fighters above Kanata's castle, and later Stormtroopers are shown invading the ruins.

Stormtroopers storm the castle
Stormtroopers storm the castle

It's highly likely that this is the reason Han, Finn, and Chewie are shown surrendering... but where is Rey?

5: Rey Goes Missing

Thanks to the dialogue between Maz and Rey in the trailer, it's likely that Rey joins the others in their trip to Kanata's castle. Later shots of Rey running through the woods imply that she managed to escape before the First Order attacked, but she's still pursued...

Rey's ready to kick some ass
Rey's ready to kick some ass

The implications of Rey getting separated from the group are ominous. Could this be when she and Kylo Ren have their conversation? It was revealed by merchandise featuring dialogue from the film that Kylo and Rey would converse at some point, and he certainly seems to be trying to coerce her to the dark side. And speaking of missing heroes, Poe doesn't seem to be faring well in trailer 3 either!

6: Poe's Capture

Poe Dameron hasn't recieved a lot of focus in the marketing, but among the newbies he's probably the character we know the most about. Growing up on Yavin, Poe was raised by two rebel fighters, and has a fierce loyalty to Princess Leia. At SDCC, Oscar Isaac hinted that Poe's desire to live up to his idols Han Solo and Leia may cause him to do something reckless, leading him to disaster. The first trailer showed Poe being dragged by Stormtroopers down what was clearly the hallway of a First Order ship, and trailer 3 featured this concerning scene...

Poe's not having a good day
Poe's not having a good day

Just what does Kylo Ren want with "the best frikkin' pilot in the galaxy"? And will Poe betray the secret mission given to him by Princess Leia?

7: Finn Isn't Trained In Lightsaber Combat

Ever since Finn was shown wielding Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in the teaser trailer, fans have speculated that Skywalker may be training him to be a Jedi. This obviously would have a huge impact on the story, but with Luke Skywalker in hiding, it seems more likely that Finn acquired the lightsaber by chance, and hasn't yet been trained in how to use it. This conclusions seems to be supported by the new trailer, which shows Finn in an awkward stance as Kylo Ren menacingly approaches...

Finn and Kylo Ren battle
Finn and Kylo Ren battle

This doesn't bode well for the ex-Stormtrooper, so unless he has backup this fight could go very badly for Finn.

So there you have it folks! The 7 main clues from the trailer... though obviously there's plenty more to analyse. Did you spot any vital hints? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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