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Harley Jackson

It's been 12 long years since the release of the successful crossover between the two biggest horror cinema franchises to emerge within the past 30+ years, Friday the 13th in 1980, and A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984, respectively. After years of success (and the occasional failure) between the two franchises, and people consistently conversing over who would win in a battle to the death, Freddy Vs. Jason, directed by Ronny Yu, was released to theaters in 2003 to a bloodthirsty audience with theaters filled to the brim with costumed fans. Unfortunately, however, the end of the film left all to the imagination, as well as all of us in the dark as to who won the seminal "fight to the finish" (this would mark the final film to be released in the two original franchises thus far, with a remake of each following its release). Now, I'd tell those of you who haven't seen the movie "spoiler alert," but I really can't, because nobody seems to know what to make of the vague ending. Jason emerges from the lake in the final scene holding Freddy's head, and then Freddy's head winks, which is a VERY confusing ending, considering he was supposed to have been decapitated in the real world, not his world. Is Jason asleep? Are they back in Hell? Is Freddy still capable of his usual magic tricks when he's out in reality? Or, does this mean it's a draw, and we get a sequel to REALLY end it all? Unfortunately, for many, these are the plethora of questions we, as the fans, are left with.

I personally consider it a draw, since the ending, to me, seems to signify sequel material in the sense that in these horror films, an ending like that always means a sequel is imminent. But, the issue stands that from what we were told, the planned "Freddy Vs. Jason, Part 2" had been long-cancelled. Since this announcement, Robert Englund, world-renowned horror actor, writer, and director, whose work includes his highly-lauded portrayal of Fred Krueger in (almost) every Nightmare on Elm Street film with the exception of the critically panned 2010 remake, retired his Freddy persona once and for all, vowing to never put on his trademark glove on-screen again. This only further digs the grave of "Freddy Vs. Jason 2's" revival opportunities, leaving only Jackie Earle Haley to perform the role, should it go through. Considering his performance as the famous Springwood Slasher was considered the infamous remake's utter downfall, it puts great doubt in our minds that the crossover sequel will ever be made, or at the very least, not well. Keeping in mind the only Freddy left is the one we all threw our sodas at in theaters back in 2010, regardless of whether or not it gets made, do we really WANT it made at this point? It seems like you'd want to leave well enough alone, after the lukewarm reception of both remakes, since both are considered to be among the worst of their respective franchises. I actually thought the "Friday the 13th" remake was at least better than the original film's sequels, with "Jason Goes to Hell" and "Jason X" coming to mind, but that's just one man's personal opinion.

Not too long ago, Sean S. Cunningham stated that a "Freddy Vs. Jason 2" is still possible, though it wouldn't include original cast members if it were to come into being. With the knowledge that Robert Englund is no longer willing to "Freddy up," so to speak, due in part to his experiences in "Freddy Vs. Jason" taking a toll on him and his advancing age, and the probability that they would most likely use Jackie Earle Haley as their Krueger, do we really want, or even need, a new "Freddy Vs. Jason?" Do you think it would further add to, or totally ruin the success of the first film? Since the idea of this film is purely theoretical, we'll either have to find out, or never know. However, rumors are circulating (as they always do) about the ideas behind the possible sequel, the most well-known of which is the inclusion of Ash Williams, as done in the popular comic book line "Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash," and its sequel, "The Nightmare Warriors." I guess, at this point, we'll just have to wait and see.


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