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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead.

With season 6 of The Walking Dead underway and the Wolves having attacked already, there is one major event that very well could take place this season- the arrival of Negan. His arrival has been teased since we first saw a baseball bat at the start of season 5. Promotional pictures and photos that have been circulating from the set have led fans to believe that he will indeed invade this season. No official casting announcements has been made, but fans have their speculations.

Who is Negan?

Negan is perhaps the most vile of the villains from The Walking Dead comic universe- first appearing in issue #100. Negan is the leader of a group of over 50 survivors in Washington D.C. called the Saviors who liked to bully other groups out of their supplies. He and his group live in an abandoned warehouse that they have dubbed "Sanctuary." The women of the group are ordered to act as Negan's wives. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille.

Negan makes the Governor look like a great guy. Once he runs into Rick and his group, Negan extorts supplies from them by threatening to have some of his men do some pretty messed up things to Carl. In the comic books, Negan kills Glenn by smashing his head with Lucille.

Negan is a pretty large, intimidating man with a raunchy, in-your-face attitude. Almost as importantly as when he will arrive is the topic of who will play him. Here are 10 actors that are more than qualified to play the role:

10. Danny Trejo

Known For: Playing tough, no nonsense characters in films such as Predators, Machete, Machete Kills and The Devil's Rejects.

Why Him: Danny is not very big in stature, but he more than makes up for it with his attitude. He has had more than enough experience playing the tough characters that everyone loves to hate.

9. Michael Madsen

Known For: Playing some of cinema's most memorable characters. He has been in films such as Kill Bill, Hell Ride, Sin City and Reservoir Dogs. He has been a go-to actor for Quentin Tarantino for years. He was the villain in Iggy Azalea's Black Widow music video.

Why Him: Madsen has demonstrated that he can play any type of role, especially the villainous ones. He's got the look and would be more than comfortable delivering some of the despicable lines uttered by Negan in the comics.

8. Bruce Campbell

Known For: Playing Ash in The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness and the upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead (premiering October 31st on Starz).

Why Him: He is a horror legend. Bruce Campbell is an amazing actor. He has a face and a voice that every horror fan can identify blind folded in a dark room. Combining the fact that he is Bruce F'n Campbell with the fact that he kind of resembles the comic villain, you get perfection. The only reason he is up this high is that he is busy with another show and is scheduled to be involved in other projects, so it is unlikely that he will be able to accept the role if offered. Hey, we can dream can't we?

7. Nick Principe

Known For: Principe has played the merciless bad guys in films such as Laid To Rest, Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2, Madison County, Collar and Seed 2.

Why Him: Principe is usually the strong, silent type on screen, but I assure you he can speak and would have no problem delivering the gut wrenching lines. He is also quite physically intimidating, Principe is very tall and just looks like he would want to murder you (he's actually quite nice). Principe is also really good at acting with his face. He did a film a couple of years ago called Nobody Can Cool and his expressions reminded me a lot of Robert De Niro's in Taxi Driver. All of these talents combined would make him an excellent candidate.

6. David Labrava

Known For: Playing Happy in the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy. Labrava's character was intimidating and in my opinion, the most intimidating on the show.

Why Him: As he demonstrated on Sons of Anarchy, he is completely fine with violent roles. He was merciless on the show and the go-to hit man. His intimidating appearance also makes him a great candidate. I also think he would be good because he is a lesser known actor; this would bring more attention to the character and less attention to the person playing him.

5. Jon Hamm

Known For: Mad Men, The Town and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Hamm is known predominantly for comedy roles.

Why Him: Hamm is undoubtedly a phenomenal actor. He even bares a striking resemblance to the comic book Negan. Not to mention, after the success of Mad Men, he's already an AMC favorite. My biggest concern with him taking the role is the fact that he is mostly a comedic actor and has skyrocketed to fame since Mad Men meaning more people will be paying attention to the man behind the character instead of the character himself.

4. Ron Perlman

Known For: Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Blade II, Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim and Hand of God. To say that Perlman's resume is lengthy is a massive understatement.

Why Him: Perlman has experience with both film and television and has played every character type. Most importantly, he has experience playing the villain. His character of Clay Morrow was Sons of Anarchy's version of Negan.

3. Robert Mukes

Known For: Weeds, Drillbit Taylor, Lamb Feed and House of 1000 Corpses.

Why Him: Mukes is incredibly underrated. His performances as Rufus Jr. in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses was fantastic. He didn't have a lot of screen time, but in the amount of time he was present he was both physically intimidating and unforgettable. With his deep voice and tall, muscular stature and his experience as the dark, villainous type, he would be a fantastic Negan.

2. Henry Rollins

Known For: Wrong Turn 2, Sons of Anarchy and his voice work. Best known for his music having been apart of numerous bands like State of Alert, Black Flag and Rollins Band.

Why Him: Since his younger years, Rollins has been rebellious and viewed as a villain type by many. He is outspoken and has no problem being the bad guy. His character on Sons of Anarchy (AJ Weston) was a disgusting human being and had no problem raping or pillaging- kind of sounds like Negan. His physique and natural scowl combined with his in-your-face attitude make him a great choice to play Negan.

1. Patrick Warburton

Known For: Family Guy, Rules of Engagement, Men In Black II and The Tick.

Why Him: Though he is best known for voice acting and comedy, Warburton would be the perfect Negan. He looks just like the comic book version and looks intimidating. He is another underrated actor which would draw more attention to the character than the man playing him. It would be great to see him take his talents to a new level and play a more sinister role. The only problem I would have would be getting past knowing that he is Joe Swanson of Family Guy (it could make it a little tough to take him seriously).

The casting department of The Walking Dead has done a fantastic job thus far and I am sure that they will do right by fans when casting Negan. No matter who is chosen to play him, Negan is coming! Are you ready for the carnage that is sure to accompany him?


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