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Superman is the most iconic character of all time. And a big part of the icon is his suit. That's why when Superman underwent a makeover with the start of the New 52 version of DC Comics, many people were a little upset.

I was one of them, but the new version has grown on me over time. Still...

The Review:

No red undies. Superman set the standard for the superhero stereotype of wearing your underwear on the outside (inspiring such bepantied superheroes as "Quailman" from Doug).

It's hard to miss all the big changes here. The new collar, the pointed cuffs, the missing undies, the red belt, the black lines, and what the heck happened to the S shield?!

I'm not here to review the costume itself, but it's hard not to want to take off points for trying to ruin my childhood.

If we're talking about how well this Pop represents the comic version, it's pretty spot-on. Paint job is a little messy in small places, but that it typically a pop-by-pop issue.

The only real problem I have with this Pop is the S shield. It's not vibrant. The colors are dulled and it almost looks like a crappy sticker on there. I just hate it. The logo itself is fine, but it's just so poorly displayed here. I'm not sure if it's as dull as this on every New 52 Superman Pop, but I've seen several in person and they all appeared to have the same problem. Since this is the main focal point, it's a big flaw.

This Pop is a repaint of the original Superman Funko Pop and was a PX Exclusive.

Rating: 6/10

Pros: Great representation of the New 52 Comic version. Dat curl. Still the big blue boy scout.

Cons: "S" shield so dull, it makes Ben Stein jealous.

Estimated Value: $12.00 (according to the Pop Price Guide)


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