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In a recent interview with Variety, David S. Goyer—a long-time DC entertainment staple and one of the pens behind [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)—reflected on Constantine's untimely demise after just one season, which prompted fans to start a campaign in order to "Save Constantine."

The show had a massive failure in ratings, and Goyer asserts that it was because the majority of the show's rather strong fanbase watched the episodes some time after it aired:

We almost doubled our numbers in DVR numbers, but they weren’t quite there in network television in counting those metric. If it had been on a basic cable channel, it could still be on.

The show originally aired on NBC, which was once heralded for the intense storylines and viral marketing of Heroes in the show's early seasons. Where other DC shows such as Arrow and The Flash have a devoted audience that carries over to the network's other shows, Constantine didn't have as much of a hero's welcome on NBC.

Thank you Captain Hindsight
Thank you Captain Hindsight

Still, the character is set to cameo on Arrow in an upcoming episode titled "Haunted," and while fans couldn't be happier, Goyer is understandably solemn in his excitement for it.

I adore Matt and I think he is the definitive depiction of the character, and I think it is super cool that Greg [Berlanti] and Andrew [Kreisberg] brought him into that show.

Constantine's cameo in Arrow airs on November 4th on the CW.


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