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Ashley Soven

Critics have to criticize anything, why? Because they're getting paid to say what they think. Even if it's a really harsh comment to a good movie, hey, I know everyone has their own taste but c'mon, some good movies are smudged by the bad comments of critics. And what's worse? That people actually don't watch the movie because of that. I mean are people really getting that shallow?

Seriously, though, I've had this one person tell me not to watch Jurassic World. When I asked why, he simply answered that the reviews for it are horrible. Really? Really?! Is that how some people rate movies? By how other people think about it? That's a bad thing, reader. A very bad thing. But hey, if you wanna be a shallow person that's really non of my business.

Back to critics, jabbig the movie with smart and long words that may be throwing a bone that a person knows a thing or two about what they're talking about. And okay, you can talk smack about the director and the movie all you want. And to the people who read the reviews before watching a movie, please stop. It's misleading and remember, everyone taste is different from the other for a reason. There's variation here, people. So have fun watching the good movies, it doesnt matter what the critics say about it.


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