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I read the entire thread and the entire thesis. While I do not see it as "likely", it is plausible. I honestly hope this guy is right. It keeps Bale in the role, it expands the universe in Nolan fashion. There are a couple of "stretches" to your theory, but hey, that is what theory is all about. Hypothesis is expansion of theory and enlightenment. But rebuke alone is ignorance. Like those who rebuked Galileo, and Newton, along with many, many more through history...simply because attacking him is easier than refuting him though a civilized debate. Do I think he is right? probably not.......but it would make a much better movie than thinking of a reboot of the character when Bale was nearly perfect in the role. But, I am one of the few (I guess) that thought Affleck should have continued with the Role of DareDevil....I thought the movie was much better than it ever received credit for. Even though it was obvious DareDevil was nothing more than the vehicle to launch Electra. The article was entertaining, informative, and didn't deserve any of the snide rebuke from the other posters.....but that is the nature of the internet. Keyboard warriors willingly running their mouths from around the globe, while sitting safely at home knowing they are out of reach from those they belittle and denigrate.. Good job, on a good article.

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