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In honor of American Horror Story: Freakshow dropping on Netflix and Blu-ray this month, I decided to do a little digging to find you the coolest facts about season 4 of the hit FX show! These facts will be sure to help you trump anyone during Halloween trivia night!

5. Leave Twisty Alone!

The character of Twisty the clown was disliked by the National Clown Association of America (is that really a thing?!). They protested the show for an inaccurate portrayal of clowns, because they claimed the character gave clowns a "bad reputation." I'm pretty sure clowns were scary long before Twisty came into the picture... Hello?! Remember Pennywise from It?!

4. What is Kathy Saying?

In order to play the bearded lady in season 4, Kathy Bates had to adapt a thick Baltimore, accent which sent the world of the internet into overdrive. To prepare, the veteran actress listened to interviews of Maryland U.S. senator, Barbara Ann Mikulski. Before her scenes, Bates would site the alphabet in a Baltimore accent... I think that's pretty cewwl.

3. Double Heads, Double Takes.

It would take over 10 hours to film scenes that included Bette and Dot! The actress, Sarah Paulson, would have to record her coverage for one character, and then directly record the same exact scene for the other half. That is a lot of time for one character!

2. Don't Throw Knives!

Originally, there was a freak character who's special talent was throwing knives. This character was ultimately written out of the final script. However, little bits of this character were sprinkled throughout the season. Anyone remember Jessica Lange's intense knife throwing talent?

1. Beautiful Freaks.

The main theme of the 4th season was all about embracing your differences, and accepting yourself for who you are. The season dealt with what it is like to be a 'freak'. Many of the actors in season 4 were, in fact, real life 'freaks' who had performed at actual freak shows. The roster includes Lucy Faust (The woman with no lower torso), Mat Fraser (seal man), Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve), and Jyoti Amge (Ma Petite).

What fact were you most surprised to hear? Sound off in the comments below!

American Horror Story seasons 1-4 are now available on Netflix. American Horror Story: Hotel currently airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX.


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