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Liam Dixon

Los Santos, a beautiful city... that has to deal with armed robberies, carjackings and military grade jets being shot down over it every single minute of the day. As if that wasn't enough already, they now have a Hulk on the loose!

Created by JulioNIB, this new mod allows Marvel’s roaring Jade Giant to leap through the air, hurl vehicles and, of course, SMASH!

The women, men, cars or even the dogs of L.A. don't stand a chance against the Green Goliath.

This mod is the latest in the superhero trend on GTA, following the addition of Superman, Spider-Man, both the Flash and Reverse Flash -- and even the Hulkbuster.

Let's hope Tony Stark can lend the LSPD the Hulkbuster for a day.


What superhero do you hope to see added to GTA next?


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