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Valerie Noel

When I was growing up my father was into Sherlock Holmes, so I followed in my fathers foot steps and began my love for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. I have read everything he wrote. I have watched at least one episode from each company or studio. Of course watching Mr. Holmes was something I was very excited to watch.

Unfortunately going into this movie with watching and reading so many things you have biases and judgments. I left them at the back of my mind as much as I could while watching. As the opening came to be I was excited to see one of my favourite actors, Sir Ian McKellen play my all time favourite character. He did a wonderful job in the way he was quick thinking and the little bit of snottiness that comes across as Holmes.

Everything was wonderful looking it was nice to see on screen Holmes's cottage where he retired and where he attended to his bees. The only time that I can recall hearing or seeing anything about his cottage was in the radio programs and the short stories themselves.

When it comes to the great detective there are very few times where you see him interacting on a social level with the people around him. Other than John Watson and very occasionally his brother Mycroft do you see him in a social setting. This was a very refreshing take as he befriends a young boy who is the son of his housekeeper played by Milo Parker. Even the interactions with the boys mother played by Laura Linney, was not as close as Holmes and Roger.

The acting of Laura Linney and Milo Parker were up to the stranded that of McKellen. The story flowed nicely and there was not really a time where I wanted to turn it off.

The story of Mr. Holmes was the detective trying to remember why he retired in the first place. This is as much as I will say about the story. I do not like spoilers and I am doing my best not to give anything away about the movie.

There was only one thing I did not like about the movie. As I have said I grew up with Sherlock Holmes mostly Basil Rathbone's portrayal of him. Seeing him young and in the prime of this career and then to see him nearing the end of his life with something like Alzheimer was a very hard thing for me to like. McKellen played him very well but to see a childhood hero struggle like that was very heartbreaking.

All in all I enjoyed the movie greatly. As I do most things having to do with Sherlock Holmes. I would recommend this movie for anyone who loves Sherlock and likes to see others take on one of the best detectives in literature.


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